The great BBQ giveaway

Jonny Gomes has made a career out of abusing pitches from southpaws but for one afternoon he’s going to judge tri-tip at a BBQ contest at the Coliseum. Don’t miss it. (April 18, 2012 – Source: Harry How/Getty Images North America)


I’ve been beating the drum for a while trying to round up some mailbag items and spur a little reader interaction for the fun of it. I started sounding the call while I was at Swingin’ A’s and I’ve kept it up since transitioning back to my own blog. I meant to do a little writeup on every little tidbit I got from readers even though there wasn’t all that much to work with but my schedule has continued to get in my way every time I set my sights on sitting down and writing.

But enough with dragging my heels and on to the biggest, best thing that landed in my inbox: The 2nd Annual Bay Area BBQ Championship.

Melinda recently gave me a heads up about the event sponsored by the A’s on July 7 at the Oakland Coliseum (no, I will not call it Coliseum) when the team plays the Mariners. All proceeds from the event benefit Northern California foster children, youth, and families served by Alternative Family Services.

It sounds like fun and the first reader to e-mail me at wins the following package:

Go for the BBQ, stay for some baseball when you head to the ballpark on July 7.

* Two BBQ VIP access passes

* 10 tasting tickets

* One Coliseum parking pass

* Two tickets to the A’s vs Mariners game

* Two raffle tickets

* Two VIP party tickets for Friday, July 6, from 2 to 4 p.m.

Some of the highlights include a BBQ and beer pairing tent, live entertainment, live food demos, admission to the game, and a family boardwalk that includes all-day baseball clinics and carnival attractions.

Jonny Gomes, mohawked A’s slugger and the Pride of Petaluma, will be a tri-tip judge and former Athletic Claudelle Washington will also be in attendance.

I’d love to check out the BBQ but I’ll be at a family event that afternoon. But if you e-mail me fast enough you have a golden opportunity to go to the BBQ for free. I’m sure the grub will be hotter than a Ryan Cook fastball and a lot more likely to cross a plate.

Enjoy the BBQ, give Melinda a hearty thanks for the giveaway and make sure to tell’em Junkball sent you.


In case you’re curious here’s what just missed getting a more extensive writeup in this mailbag:

Some dude gave me a heads-up about some A’s-themed T-shirts he makes, another dude tipped me off to his podcast about sports anthems with ESPN’s Tony Ross, another dude sent me a link to a post about the physics of the knuckleball, one guy pointed me toward a book about former Major League players fighting for their pensions, and another guy would love to see more grass roots efforts to keep the A’s from ditching Oakland for San Jose (I know he’s not alone).

Sorry dudes and guys.  My sincere apologies for letting a busy schedule collide with a bout of laziness and procrastination.  If I had a little more free time and a little more motivation over the past few weeks I would have done a lot more with each item sent my way.

So there it is, the first mailbag here at Junkball. Keep the e-mails and comments coming my way and as time permits we’ll continue the conversation in posts like this. If this is the one and only mailbag post I do, which is a distinct possibility, thanks for touching base.


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