Knee-Jerk Reaction: Best. Holiday. Tweet. Ever.

There are special moments for thoughtful reflection about new developments with the Oakland A’s … and then there are moments like these where I only have time for a quick post.

If you’re an A’s fan and you want to believe in miracles the way some kids believe in Santa Claus this time of year then USA Today’s Bob Nightengale’s tweet this morning is the gift you’ve been waiting for:

“All signs and top #MLB sources say that the #Athletics will be granted permission by Feb to move to San Jose.”

So there you have it. If it’s true (and yes, I want to buy into the idea that it’s true) then the A’s long stay in ballpark purgatory is almost over.

Some quick thoughts … which is pretty much all I have time for on Christmas Eve:

• It’s about time. After several years of looking into the A’s ballpark situation, MLB commissioner Bud Selig’s blue ribbon panel was starting to look like an absolute joke. I guess they really did do some work after all.

• I guess being Selig’s former frat brother finally paid off for A’s owner Lew Wolff.  I’d like to think that long-running friendship helped grease the wheels for this deal to go down.

• There’s a long, long way from a tweet to Opening Day in San Jose. This thing still needs voter approval in San Jose and AT&T still has the rights to a big chunk of land that’s part of any potential ballpark.

• I must say that I am amused that MLB owners appear to be on the verge of handing San Jose over to the A’s despite the Giants’ protests. I’m sure they’ll get some money out of this deal and they’ll invade the East Bay and annoy me to death with their advertising campaigns but it still cracks me up that they’re just going to have to live with the A’s in San Jose.

I can’t blame them for trying to stand their ground and drive the A’s out of town but they were always full of hot air with their claims that they can’t live without San Jose.  Everyone is going to win if Nightengale is correct.

Jeff Fletcher, as usual, is right on the money. Letting the A’s move to the South Bay is good for baseball. There’s nothing the owners love more than a new ballpark and the money that comes with it. Taking the A’s off of revenue sharing is exactly what they want.

• It’s time for me to show a little more patience with the latest rebuilding effort by general manager Billy Beane. If a new ballpark really is on the verge of materializing for the A’s we’ll finally see what the man can do with some resources to work with.

• I guess it’s time for me to sit back and give this ownership group a chance to put their money where their mouth has been for the past several years. Wolff and Co. have been saying for years that they can’t compete in Oakland and the only solution is a new ballpark in San Jose.

Well, here you go Wolfie. You got your wish. Now it’s time to stop making excuses and field a winner. Do that and I’ll even call the new stadium “The House That Lew Built.”


2 thoughts on “Knee-Jerk Reaction: Best. Holiday. Tweet. Ever.

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