It sucks to be Bob Geren and it sucks to play for Bob Geren

Does anyone like A’s manager Bob Geren? I mean, aside from general manager Billy Beane and Geren’s family?

It sure doesn’t feel like it after reading articles by the San Francisco Chronicle and CBS Sports last night where players and coaches eagerly followed Brian Fuentes’ lead and bashed Oakland’s fearlessly clueless leader.

Former A’s closer Huston Street delivered the best line, calling Geren “my least favorite person I have ever encountered in sports.”

I’ll stick to my guns and say again that I think this kind of stuff should stay in the locker room but I won’t pretend I’m not loving every minute of  the ongoing Geren Hatefest.

How bad of a manager do you have to be to draw such open disrespect from players and coaches?  If there’s one man incompetent enough to attract this level of disdain it’s Geren.

I think everything skeptical and frustrated A’s fans have felt, observed and suspected about the A’s skipper is finally being verified through the comments of Fuentes, Street, Michael Wuertz, Bob Schaefer, et al.

Street and Mike Sweeney seem like two of the nicest, most respectful players to come through Oakland in a long time and Geren managed to frustrate and enrage each man into a heated confrontation.

It would have been easy to brush off Fuentes as an oversensitive, tactless flake taking issue with a manager no one really has a problem with if no one else joined in on the hatefest.  But at this point it’s obvious that Fuentes was simply exposing a major, long-running problem in Oakland.

It speaks volumes about how horrible Geren is as a manager that everyone quoted in these stories is willing cross a line by violating baseball’s unspoken protocol that what happens in the clubhouse stays in the clubhouse if the end result is Beane’s BFF being chased out of the game.

Geren has to go.

The only thing worse than a manager losing the respect of everyone in the dugout is a manager who never had it to begin with and that’s our man Bobo.

Another problem brewing here is the light this mess casts on Beane.  He hired this dolt and he’s spent the past 5 years making every excuse in the book to keep him around.  That’s bad management.

Combine that with the fact that Beane hasn’t successfully developed any hitters for almost a decade and you have all the ingredients for a hot mess and a dull, lifeless, losing team.

Does that sound like the current A’s team to you?  Because it sure sounds like it to me.

Beane should fire Geren and if we’re all lucky he’ll do that in the next month or two if the A’s keep sinking in the AL West.  At that point he can sell it as a move that’s strictly based on results rather than being a reaction to all the bile-filled player comments coming out of the woodwork.

But will that really make any difference?  The A’s will still have a punchless lineup and there’s no reason to expect a strong, talented manager to hop on board because everyone around the league knows that managing the A’s is probably the worst gig in the majors.

I hate to say it, but part of me is already looking toward 2012 when the A’s will have a clean slate and young hitters such as Chris Carter, Michael Taylor, Grant Green, Stephen Parker, Jemile Weeks and Michael Choice may be ready to make an impact and breathe some life into the franchise.

Check back with me in a year or so and my man crush for Billy Beane may be alive and well again but for the moment he’s firmly planted next to Geren in my dog house.

2 thoughts on “It sucks to be Bob Geren and it sucks to play for Bob Geren

    • Hi Bee, hope you’re doing well. Yes, there was. I hit “publish” when I meant to hit “preview” when I was trying to set up the photo and headline. I’m sure Beane will just sit on his hands and Geren will bite his lip over the next couple of weeks as this little storm dies down but the team needs to come out of the All-Star Break with a new manager. The fans and players deserve better than watching Geren run the team into the ground for another year.

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