Happy birthday to Fabio

Since it seems like most of the hits this blog gets are off the happy birthday posts I did for Sophie Marceau and Markie Post a while back I figured I’d try another angle in my shameless quest to get page views and revel in the absurd:  It’s time to say happy birthday to that dashing Italian hunk, Fabio!

God’s gift to romance-novel loving women everywhere was born on this day in 1959.

Did you know that Fabio released an album called “After Dark” in 1993?  Neither did I until I did a little research for this post.  Give it a listen, it’s truly horrible.  He almost makes William Hung sound good.

When I’m old and on my death bed I may painfully regret wasting 5 valuable minutes of my life on this post, but for now I will sit back, relax and see if having the magical word “Fabio” on this blog draws a swarm of hits.

One thought on “Happy birthday to Fabio

  1. i love that picture of fabio hes so damn sexy
    mmmmmmm oooooooooo la la laz!
    hehe ❤
    my rate would be infinity for fabio 😀

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