I wish I was in Phoenix right now

Taking a break from an increasingly busy life to contemplate all things green and gold in A’s Musings …

*  Twitter is alive with A’s spring training updates which means there’s no better time to blog about the dudes in white shoes.

* If you’re looking for A’s news on Twitter some good places to start are susanslusser, oakclubhouse, joestiglich, JaneMLB, newballpark, WhiteElephantAs, athleticsnation, MUrbanCSN, JohnSheaHey and DaleTafoya.

* If you happen to be marking your calendar for a notable spring date for the A’s, keep an eye on Feb. 27 when they’re scheduled to play their first game.  Stuff like that makes me long for the annual spring training trip I used to take with my friends before marriage, a mortgage and a couple of kids understandably shifted my priorities.

* Another great thing about spring training is that it’s a welcome break from the seemingly neverending and totally frustrating ballpark/relocation issue.  There are some dedicated bloggers who do a nice job following the story (a couple of Web sites to regularly check are here and here) and the more you read, the more frustrating it gets to see the franchise stuck in limbo.  A steady stream of games as the spring and summer rolls along will be a great distraction from the ballpark mess.

* Do I like seeing former A’s third baseman/invalid Eric Chavez don pinstripes for the Yankess in an attempt to revive this playing career?  To say the least, it makes my stomach turn a little bit anytime I see a former Athletic go to the Dark Side but I honestly hope Chavez finally enjoys a healthy season … as long as he goes hitless and commits a few errors when he plays the A’s.

Then again, smart money says Chavez breaks down before he even has a chance to play a dozen innings in spring training.

* Speaking for broken-down former A’s, I’m also pulling for Justin Duchscherer to have a solid season for the Orioles.  The man was a class act while he was in Oakland and an amazingly effective jack-of-all-trades on the pitching staff.  If he can stay healthy and shut down the Red Sox, Yankees and any team in the AL West not wearing white shoes I’ll be a happy man.

* Now that we’re getting closer to having some ballgames on the radio there’s no avoiding the fact that I still miss the late, great Bill King.  Just looking back at the humorous gusto he gave to the “Valero: Gas with vrrrrrroooooom!” promotion during pre-game shows still brings a smile to my face.

* I have to admit that the A’s new yellow jerseys are starting to grow on me.  The first time I saw them I thought they were a nightmare.  But the photo I initially saw via Twitter didn’t do the jersey justice.  The throwback use of yellow as the dominant color is a nice/borderline garish tip of the hat to the team’s rich history.

Winning or losing will make the biggest impact on how those yellow jerseys look in the long run.  If manager Bob Geren can guide the A’s to a division title those new jerseys will look gorgeous but if they stumble to a sub-.500 finish then they’ll be collecting dust at the Coliseum souvenir stands.

* Even though I’m fired up for the regular season to start I have to admit that the the fact that the A’s are getting some buzz as a team to watch this season is making me a little nervous.  This team is definitely full of potential but I’m still  cautious in my optimism.

What’s tempering my enthusiasm?  The injury bug, Geren and the lack of a 30-homer threat in the lineup.

I’m crossing my fingers that the A’s can finally stay healthy, Geren can prove my doubts wrong and the upgrades to the lineup can produce some real run support for an amazing pitching staff.


3 thoughts on “I wish I was in Phoenix right now

  1. Hi, Jason,
    I wish I were in Phoenix too and I will be March 17-23. Should be very interesting and if all goes well exciting. Interesting about Billy Beane leaving if the team doesn’t move to San Jose. I’ve thought for the last couple of years that his heart wasn’t in winning. Then he surprised me with the flurry of activity this winter. Is it a last gasp? Who knows, but I’m going to have fun watching it this season. As forthe yellow jerseys, I am not impressed. They look like a throwback to the Charley Finley days when he tried to make the A’s the l;aughing stock of the league and pretty much succeeded until they started winning, which I guess makes your point. I still don’t like them though. As for Bob Geren, I’m not a fan. I think he is possibly the worst manager in the MLB. It’s pretty sad when his bench coach has a better W-L percentage that the manager does. I always root for Geren to get tossed so someone who knows how to manage can come in and salvage a win from the jaws of defeat. Keep up the good writing. I may not always comment, but I’m reading it. Bee

    • Bee,

      Have fun at spring training, it’s always a great experience for die-hard baseball fans. Hopefully I’ll make it back out to the desert one of these days when the household budget settles down.

      I’m a little surprised to hear that Beane may hit the road if the A’s can’t get a new venue in San Jose but to a certain degree I can understand that constantly rebuilding the team probably gets a little old. I assume David Forst’s responsibilities with the club have increased over the years and he can successfully move up to GM and maybe breathe some new life into the franchise.

      As for Geren, this is his make-or-break season. He’s always come across to me as a Triple A manager holding down the fort while Beane rebuilds the team. Up until this season Geren has often been stuck with a very weak roster but he won’t have any excuses this year.

      If everyone stays relatively healthy and productive there’s no reason the A’s shouldn’t be playing meaningful games in September if Geren can stay out of his own way.

      Personally, I was hoping the A’s would dump Geren and hire Don Wakamatsu during the offseason but it looks like we may have to wait a year before something like that happens.

  2. I agree on all points. I think Wakamatsu was treated unfairly by Seattle. I’d like to see him back with the A’s. I hope you are right that this is a make or break season for Geren. No other team would have kept him around this long with such a lousy record. Yes, he didn’t have much in the way of offense last year, but the guy can’t manage his way out of a wet paper bag! Good luck with the diapers! Bee

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