Junkball Earworm: Virgin Sturgeon

What’s the best way to get a song that’s stuck in my head out of my noggin?  By sharing it, of course.

Today’s totally random earworm is the folk song Virgin Sturgeon.

I blame myself for this one.  Sturgeon is the surname of a friend at work and on a lark I Googled “sturgeon song” and stumbled across this tune on YouTube.

He’s been blasting this song on his computer for the past 10 minutes.

My favorite lyric is “I fed caviar to my girl-friend; She was a virgin tried and true. Now my girl-friend needs no urgin’, There isn’t anything she won’t do.”

They just don’t write songs the way they used to, do they?


2 thoughts on “Junkball Earworm: Virgin Sturgeon

    • If Sturge spent more time in the office it’d be fun to have a Darren Sturgeon Moment of the Week. It’s going to be priceless when he gets drunk and sings Virgin Sturgeon at the company Christmas party.

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