Blood before blogging

What happens to all the stuff that doesn’t neatly fit into a baseball post, The Junkball 10, Dead Celebrity Friday, the occasional happy birthday salute or a random standalone blog entry?  It gets served up as Mental Leftovers …

* From the Life is Predictably Unpredictable Department:  It looks like my blogging is going to slow down a lot sooner than I anticipated now that my pregnant wife has been put on modified bed rest more than a month before our daughter’s due date.  I knew that the holidays and birth would put the clamps down on Junkball but now that my wife is laid up I’ll have even less time to goof off here.

My 18-month-old son loves to sit on my lap at the computer while we watch Sesame Street videos on YouTube but I don’t think he has the patience to watch his old man blog about baseball and other random stuff.

* If I thought I was tired before this whole “Pregnant Wife on Modified Bed Rest” thing came along I probably have no idea what I’m in for now that she’s been given doctor’s orders to be a couch potato.  Stopping off for a double espresso on the way home from work is probably a good idea from here on out because my son is a tireless, adorable force of nature who won’t be giving me any breaks to rest when I get home from work.

* On a separate note, it’s been great to get a break from Giants mania recently and finally see some press and blog coverage of the A’s now that they’ve opened the offseason with a bang by winning the bidding rights to Japanese pitcher Hisashi Iwakuma.  A’s Nation delivered a great interview with team owner Lew Wolff and Athletics After Dark has had an awesome A’s Spirit Week.  Call me a geek, but I can’t wait for spring training to roll around.

* Who’s kidding who?  The explosion of Giants mania was starting to drive me up the wall.  From the way people were acting you’d think the team had never won a World Series.  Oh wait, until now they had an empty trophy case.  OK people, feel free to go crazy.

* Interesting and potentially ominous note on Iwakuma from’s Peter Gammons: If the Athletics sign Hisashi Iwakuma and trade one of their young pitchers for positional help, it will be interesting to see how Iwakuma performs. The Daisuke Matsuzaka signing has raised questions for many teams about Japanese starting pitchers and their transition to the U.S. game, because they start once a week and the baseballs are smaller.

* This blog doesn’t really get much traffic which is why the attention my Markie Post birthday salute received amazed me.  I got more than 80 hits from the time I wrote about Post to the time I published again a few days later.  I know that’s just a drop in the bucket for a real blog but in my quiet little corner of the blogosphere that’s a lot of action.  Apparently the world loves Markie Post as much as I do.

* The American League Gold Glove winners were announced yesterday and if Derek Jeter is the best shortstop in the American League then Pablo Sandoval is the thinnest player on the Giants.  What a joke.

* As a 49ers fan who grew up watching Hall of Famers Joe Montana and Steve Young excel on the field for San Francisco and win Super Bowls there’s something sad about trying to get fired up about Alex Smith or Troy Smith after either one has a decent game.

* Note to self: Do not refer to your pregnant wife as a reproductive crock pot.  She does not seem to like it.  It doesn’t matter that you’re trying to make a point that in your opinion “a bun in the oven” isn’t the most accurate description of pregnancy.

* Here’s one more totally random item for you:  Meet Sarah Nepp, Cheese Carver.


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