A’s get classy, suck up to the Giants

Twitter alerted me to the fact that my Sporting Green has a full page ad today from the Oakland A’s tipping their hat to the San Francisco Giants for their World Series win.

Is that a nice move by the A’s?  You bet.  It’s very gracious.

Page B5 says, “Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants on an amazing season.  Like everyone else, we’re inspired.”

I’m touched, I really am.

But I also can’t help but read between the lines and the real message I see in this ad is a not-so-subtle effort to plant a delicate kiss on the rear end of Giants owner and steadfast opponent of the A’s effort to move to the South Bay, Bill Neukom.

What the ad really says is, “PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE let us move to San Jose without a fight.”

I guess it can’t hurt to suck up and grease the wheels for a move to San Jose but part of me finds it kind of sad and pathetic because I know that “we’re inspired” probably doesn’t really mean anything for the product the A’s put on the field.

Is A’s owner Lew Wolff “inspired” to spend more money on the A’s so they can field an offense that can fully support Oakland’s amazing young pitching staff?

I doubt it.

My guess is that what the A’s organization is really inspired to do is push harder than ever to get out of Oakland now that every casual fan in this neck of woods is acting like they’ve always bled orange and black.

I’d like to see the A’s ownership act inspired to field a great team and inspire some enthusiasm among the fans in the Bay Area.

Spend money on players, make going to a game more affordable for families, advertise more, bring back Fanfest and throw in some winter caravans around the Bay Area to connect with fans.

Those are just a few ideas for the A’s to show that they’re inspired to do something other than fill out a change of address form as soon as possible.


4 thoughts on “A’s get classy, suck up to the Giants

  1. I’m with you, Jason. Lew Wolff has no interest in doing anything to make the A’s successful, because he wants them out of Oakland. If the A’s don’t draw fans to the ballpark, he can say to his old college buddy, “See, we can’t make a go of it in Oakland. Please let us have San Jose!” I think that sucks. But we, the fans, won’t count with him until he’s moving to San Jose. Then he’ll do an about face and court the fans, but they won’t be the same loyal fans they’ve had in Oakland. They’ll be new fans from the South Bay. There will be a huge demographic shift in the type of fan who will come to the games. I for one will not go to many games in San Jose. It’s too far to drive–not so much going, as coming home at 12:30-1:00 am. My big screen TV will get most of my face time.
    By the way, I have listed your blog on my blog as another blog I am following. Would you be kind enough to do the same on yours? You an list it as”
    URL: http://contractyear.mlblogs.com
    Blog Name: Bee Hylinski’s A’s Blog
    Description: Anything about baseball that piques my interest, concentrating on the Oakland A’s

    Thanks and Go A’s!!!


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