More World Series musings

Since I’ll be busy this weekend hanging out with my family, chasing my 18-month-old son around and helping out my very pregnant wife I probably won’t be able to check in after Games 4 and 5 so here are some quick hits on the World Series before I hit the road:

* One more reason to stick a fork in the Rangers: They have to win 4 out of the next 5 games against a nasty Giants pitching staff.  Good luck with that.

* Since I’m already burying the Rangers, why not go one step further and look at their offseason needs?  Relief pitching seems like a glaring weakness after Game 2’s late-inning meltdown.  How about Kerry Wood as a setup man for closer Neftali Feliz?  Wood was born in Texas and  seems like a natural fit.

And how about a first baseman?  Mitch Moreland seems like a nice enough guy but he’s a glaring weak spot in the Rangers’ lineup and I’m not sure Chris Davis will ever get it all together in Texas.   Lance Berkman or Derrek Lee could do the trick.

Catcher wouldn’t be a bad place to try and upgrade the lineup either.  Bengie Molina is only signed through this season and guys behind him like Matt Treanor and Taylor Teagarden are nothing special.  A run at Victor Martinez isn’t all that crazy when you take into consideration the fact that the Rangers recently locked up a lucrative cable TV deal and have money to burn.

Last, but not least, the Rangers are going to have to spend big money on starting pitching.  If Cliff Lee strikes it rich with the New York Yankees the Rangers are going to have a gaping hole at the top of their rotation.

* Speaking of the offseason,  I have a gut feeling that Giants general manager Brian Sabean is going to hand out one of his trademark head-scratching big contracts to one of the beloved misfits on this World Series team.  How about an oversized 3-year deal for Cody Ross?

* Feel free to call me a Commie bastard if you like but I’m getting tired of hearing God Bless America during every single playoff game in the 7th inning.  Just skip the song, cut to commercial and get back to playing ball ASAP.   I love the US of A and no one will ever forget 9/11 so can we finally stop singing that song all through October?

* Personality only gets you so far in this game.   I love Rangers manager Ron Washington and I’ve never made any secret of the fact that I’m pulling for the Rangers in October.  But Giants skipper Bruce Bochy is pushing all the right buttons in the playoffs while Wash is fumbling around.

I know his players adore him and over the long haul of the regular season that can work like a charm.   But at this point in the playoffs strategy is a big freakin’ deal and Wash looks like he’s behind the curve.

* From the Let’s Be Perfectly Honest Department:  As a baseball fan I’ve enjoyed the Giants’ playoff run because it’s been a great story.  As a person who has a lot of close friends who are die-hard Giants fans I’m happy that they’re on the verge watching their team win it all because that’s what every fan dreams of.

But as a lifelong A’s fan who bleeds green and gold the idea of the Giants winning a World Series is a little annoying.  I won’t beat that to death because it would just be sour grapes on my part but there’s no point in pretending that I’ll be cheering for San Francisco when they clinch this thing even though I picked them to win in 6 games.

* Fox on-field reporter Ken Rosenthal was rocking a bow tie in Games 1 and 2 and I asked him on Twitter if he’s going to tailor his look for Texas and switch to a bolo tie when the series moves to Arlington.   I didn’t get any response so there’s an air of mystery over what we’re going to see next.   It’s just one more reason to tune in to the game.

* From the Stating the Painfully Obvious Department: Fox broadcasters Joe Buck and Tim McCarver are gawdawful.  It seems like every season I get a little more annoyed with TV baseball announcers and at this point I could really do without them.  Just flash some stats on the screen and give me the sounds of the ballpark.  If you’re a die-hard baseball fan that’s probably all you need.


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