Quick thoughts on Game 2 of the World Series

Anyone else get the feeling that the Rangers are Texas toast?

I know, I know they’re only down 2-0 to the Giants in the World Series after tonight’s nightmarish 9-0 loss but San Francisco looks like an unstoppable force right now.

When dinosaurs like Edgar Renteria and Aaron Rowand are hammering you for big RBIs you know you’re in serious trouble.

Before the series started I picked the Giants to win it all in 6 games but I’m not sure the series is even going to get that far at this pace.

I don’t know exactly what “It” is but the Giants clearly have a lot more “It” than anyone can handle.

So how can the Rangers get back into this series?

1.  Enjoy some home cooking, plain and simple.  Has any team needed an off day and change of scenery in the World Series more than the Rangers?

They could probably use a week off in Cabo right about now after getting thrashed in front of America the past 2 games but 1 travel day will have to do for now.

Get back to Arlington, get Vlad back at DH and hit some balls into the jet stream that always seems to be blowing to the outfield in that park and try to score some runs early and often.

2.  Bring Cliff Lee back for Game 4 on short rest.

If you manage to win Game 3 Lee gives you a shot to tie the series.  If you lose Game 3 there’s no one else you’d rather have on the hill to try and stave off elimination.

You know Lee is dying to get back on the mound and prove his Game 1 loss was just a fluke.

The only worry with riding Lee so hard is that you might blow out his arm or burn him out for next season.  But if you’re the Rangers why should you care?  The Yankees are probably going to sign Lee as a free agent so you might as well ride him hard while you can.

3.  Get some hits with runners in scoring position.  The one thing the Rangers have been able to do all year is score runs but they’ve hit a wall against the Giants’ outstanding pitching staff.

A couple of big rallies in Game 3 could loosen this team up and get them back on a roll.

4.  Someone needs to tell Rangers manager Ron Washington that Neftali Feliz is available in the bullpen, he’s really freakin’ good and using him before the 9th inning isn’t like snorting a line of cocaine, you can do it all you want and no one’s going to get mad at you.

5.  Beat up on left-handed starting pitchers Jonathan Sanchez and Madison Bumgarner.

Scratch that last thought.

Initially, I thought Texas’ right-handed heavy lineup would welcome a chance to tee off on San Francisco’s southpaws this weekend but a quick look at the regular season stats reveal that Texas had a slash line of .280/.343/.429/.772 vs RHP but hit just .266/.326/.391/.718 vs LHP.

So much for that idea, I still think the Rangers aren’t going to make a return trip to San Francisco.

On to some random thoughts about Game 2 and the series …

* Wash made the right call by starting David Murphy in the outfield instead of iron-gloved Vlad Guerrero … not that it ultimately made any difference in Thursday night’s massacre.

* When I saw Wash had light-hitting Matt Treanor at catcher instead of not-quite-as-light-hitting Bengie Molina I couldn’t help but scratch my head.  But I guess that’s just what life is like when you pay close attention to Wash’s moves.

I understand that Treanor is starting pitcher C.J. Wilson’s caddy but Molina was coming off a productive night at the plate in Game 1 and you have to figure he gives you a little edge calling the game because he knows the Giants so well.

Let’s face it, the Treanor’s only claim to fame is being Misty Mays’ husband.

* I continue to be amused that $126 million man Barry Zito isn’t even on the Giants’ postseason roster and $60 million man Aaron Rowand  is simply a bench player.   How many teams, other than maybe the Yankees and Red Sox, could afford to carry $186 million in dead weight and make it to the World Series?

Who knows how good the Giants could be if general manager Brian Sabean spent money on free agents as well as he drafts amateurs and trolls the waiver wire?

* Is there a single move Giants manager Bruce Bochy has made in the postseason that hasn’t worked?  I’m starting to get the feeling that he could turn in a lineup card with the head groundskeeper at AT&T Park penciled in as his cleanup hitter and get a couple of RBIs out of him on the way to a 2-0 win.  Amazing.

Time to enjoy the off day and see what unfolds in Texas.


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