So there you have it, the Giants are in the World Series

Down go the Phillies, 3-2 in Game 6 of the NLCS and the Giants are on their way to a matchup with the Rangers in an attempt to win the first World Series title since the team started playing in San Francisco in 1958.

The obvious question is whether they can bring a trophy to town and anyone who read my old Tumblr blog knows that I never viewed this team as much of an underdog at any point in the playoffs and I’m not going to start now.

Do I like the Giants as a fan?  Of course not.  I’m a die-hard A’s fan but I’m writing this as a baseball fan and as a baseball fan I don’t see how the Rangers have any kind of big edge on the Giants because they can’t match the Giants’ pitching from No.1 through No. 4 starter.

Personally, I’ll almost always bet on the team with a strong pitching staff over a team with a powerful lineup in the playoffs.

The World Series is just 7 games, at most, and any great hitting team can slump for 7 games even if they’re hitting against a few last-place teams.

In a series like this a hitter is going to get 30 or so at bats and anyone can hit a cold spell over that span even when they’re taking their hacks against chumps.

And that’s where the Giants get the big edge in this series because they’re sending an ace to the hill in every game, closer Brian Wilson has been holding up his end of the bargain in the 9th inning and even though the middle of the bullpen doesn’t have any stars they mix and match really well against most lineups in most situations.

It’s also nice to have a little luck on your side and there’s no denying that this team has had something going for it over the past month or so.

Even though I’m openly rooting for Ron Washington I think the Giants are going to come out of this thing with a title in 6 games and more power to them.

All they have to do is win 3 in a row and 4 overall to finally catch up to the A’s.  At this rate they should do that in the year 3000.


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