Welcome to the World Series Rangers

Thanks for knocking out the damn Yankees in the ALCS and welcome to the big stage Texas Rangers.

It’s sweet watching former A’s coach and fan favorite Ron Washington guide Texas to its first World Series appearance at New York’s expense.

I won’t pretend I picked them to make it this far but I did hedge my bets on my old Tumblr blog by guessing that they’d be able beat my prediction of New York in 6 games and pass the Yankees if Josh Hamilton heated up.

Done deal.  Way to go Hamilton.

So are Wash’s boys going to win it all?

I can say with absolute confidence “maybe.”

It’s no secret who I’m pulling for in the World Series, it’s all about Wash.

With that being said, I still don’t have a ton of faith in the No. 4 spot in the Rangers’ rotation or the middle of its bullpen but they can score a ton of runs and having Cliff Lee on the mound 3 times in a 7 game series gives them a great shot at bringing a trophy home to Arlington.

What else will it take for the Rangers to end their season drenched in ginger ale?

* C.J. Wilson has to consistenly find the strike zone.

* Colby Lewis needs to pitch like he did tonight against the Yankees.

* Nelson Cruz’s hamstring and Hamilton’s ribs need to hold up for one more series.

* Wash needs to get a little more bold with his use of closer Neftali Feliz.

I think the X factor in the World Series for Texas will be how the team handles losing the designated hitter in their lineup for 4 games in the National League ballpark.

I think it puts a lot of pressure on Vlad Guerrero to shift from DH to the outfield and it puts a lot more pressure on Wash to pull Vlad for defense and dip into the bullpen at just the right time.

Vlad’s been a major force in that lineup and DHing has helped keep him healthy. 

Sticking him in the outfield for 4 games compromises Texas’ defense at a time of year when you just can’t give up any extra outs or extra bases to the competition.

You also run the risk of the old man breaking down when you suddenly ask him to cover ground in the outfield and there’s no getting around the fact that he didn’t hit all that well this season in 18 games as an outfielder.

Hopefully I’m wrong and Vlad rakes, he guns down some baserunners, Wash looks like a genius late in the game and one of my favorite people in baseball gets a ring.


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