I’ve got baseball on the brain

Even if you’re not a Giants fan this video has to crack you up.  Simply awesome.

On to more random thoughts about baseball …

* Is it really that hard for Phillies manager Charlie Manuel to bat Jayson Werth between Chase Utley and Ryan Howard to break up his left-handed sluggers?  Could Manuel possibly make it any easier for Giants manager Bruce Bochy to go to left-handed reliever Javier Lopez late in the game?

I’m glad I’m not a Phillies fan because Manuel would give me an ulcer.

Are the Phillies still alive because of his moves or in spite of them?  Kind of hard to tell.

* The more I look at portly Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval the more I want to cut former Phillies star John Kruk (http://snipurl.com/1br5qo) some slack for being a little on the heavy side during his playing days.  He almost looks anorexic next to the Panda.

* Tip of the hat to Phillies starter Roy Halladay for pitching through a groin pull, picking up the win and bringing the series back to Philadelphia.  That’s one tough SOB.

* Every now and then when I’m watching a Giants game this hits me:  Bruce Bochy has a really, really big head.  You’d think I’d be used to it by now because he’s been in the game forever but that melon continues to amaze me.

He’s kind of a living, breathing bobblehead … but he’s a bobblehead who’s been making a lot of shrewd moves in October.

* If anyone’s curious who I’m rooting for in the postseason it’d have to be the Rangers because I hate the Yankees and as a die-hard A’s fan I’ll always have a soft spot for former A’s coach/current Texas manager Ron Washington.

That being said, when you get right down to it what I’m really pulling for are Game 7s that go right down to the wire in both championship series.

I’ll be happy if Wash sticks it to the Yankees tonight but I’d be a little happier and a lot more entertained if the series goes the distance.

* Only gripe about the playoffs so far is the broadcasting.  Terrible, just painfully bad.

It doesn’t matter if a game is on TBS or Fox because one way or another you get stuck with stiffs like Ernie Johnson, Craig Sager, Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, Ken Rosenthal, etc.

The mute button on my remote is getting a workout this month.


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