So what did we learn in the NLCS last night?

* Charlie Manuel makes my head hurt. He didn’t start Roy Halladay on 3 days rest to go for a win but he goes to Roy Oswalt on 2 days rest in relief to preserve a tie. He lets right handed Ben Francisco hit against right handed reliever Sergio Romo when he has lefty hitting slugger Raul Ibanez available on the bench and he lets Chad Durbin pitch way too long while blowing the game in relief.

Nice moves ya country bumpkin.

* Joe Blanton pitched better than I gave him credit for. He wasn’t spectacular but he kept the Phillies in the game even though he hadn’t worked in almost a month.

* Romo’s slider must look really nasty from the batter’s box because Francisco and Chooch Ruiz went hacking at pitches that looked way outside and off the plate from the centerfield camera on TV.

When Giants catcher Buster Posey sets up in the left batter’s box and a right handed hitter flails away there must be something to what Romo’s throwing up there.

* As I predicted on my old Tumblr blog, Panda Sandoval came through in Game 4.  I also pegged him for a big Game 5 so we’ll see how that pans out today.

* Juan Uribe is clutch.  Bad wrist? No problem, game winning sac fly.  I’ll never understand why Oswalt didn’t keep busting him inside with fastballs.

* Why is anyone still pitching to Cody Ross?  Teams in the playoffs keep getting burned but they never seem to learn.

The Phillies have scouts and video, right?  Watch and learn boys.

* Last, but not least, we learned that we should all probably start mulling over how the Giants will match up against the Yankees or Rangers in the next round of the playoffs.

San Francisco was never really an underdog in the NLCS thanks to their pitching and anyone who considers them underdogs in the World Series is just naive.


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