Was Charlie Manuel paying attention last night?

Game 4 of the NLCS is coming up tonight and Phillies manager insists he’s sticking with his No. 4 starter Joe Blanton even though he’s down 2-1 in the series and could go with his ace Roy Halladay on short rest instead.

Sounds a little bit like Yankees manager Joe Girardi heading into Game 4 of the ALCS with A.J. Burnett as his starting pitcher.

How’d that work out for the Yankees?  Oh yeah, they got their teeth kicked in by the Rangers and now they’re on the verge of elimination.

Blanton’s the right man if Manuel wants to win a hot dog eating contest but I have my doubts that Kentucky Joe is the guy you want on the hill today to try and stop the Giants.

Blanton’s career numbers should also be a major red flag to Manuel http://sports.yahoo.com/mlb/players/7461

Then again, what do I know?  Manuel has a World Series ring and I don’t so maybe things will work like a charm for the Phillies today in San Francisco.

* Is there anything better than watching the Yankees lose in the playoffs?

And how about those die-hard Yankee fans?  I just love watching all those pinstriped phonies stream out of the ballpark long before the 9th inning just because the Bronx Bombers are down by a few runs.

Classy crowd.

* One more thing on the Giants-Phillies series: Do you think someone will finally figure out that it’s a bad idea to throw inside fastballs to Cody “Babe” Ross?

You’re better off giving him the Barry Bonds treatment and walking him every time up if you’re not good enough to locate your pitches.

At the end of the day who wants to be sitting at home in October because they let Cody Ross beat them?

* In case anyone who read my old blog stuck with me and followed me here to Junkball I swear that one of these days I’m actually going to post that A’s 2010 wrapup/2011 preview I teased to a million years ago.  I had this naive idea a couple of months ago that it would be easy to find the time to do that kind of writeup but I was very, very wrong.  So just be patient, lower your expectations and I promise I’ll have a totally delusional A’s post up one of these days.

* One more apology to anyone who might qualify as a regular reader: I’m dragging my heels on publishing the usual once-a-week expanded post.  There’s been some annoying stuff going on that’s cutting into my time to goof off and blog but that’s a whole other story.

I think there’s an absurd toilet lock rant in me somewhere but I can’t quite pin it down.

Time to make a to-do list and put “Blog about toilet locks” right at the top.


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