It’s official: I now hate Sesame Street with a passion

No one gets between me and Katy Perry’s cleavage and gets away with it!

This morning I initially felt that the producers of Sesame Street kind of suck for pulling a Katy Perry segment from an upcoming episode because they caved in to a little uproar about her cleavage.

But now that I’ve had a couple of cups of coffee and all day to stew on the issue, forget “kind of.” 
They flat out suck for killing the Katy Perry segment.

A little bit of cleavage is a big deal?  

Dude, Burt and Ernie are a same-sex couple and you give’em a ton of air time.  And as a lot of people are pointing out today most of your characters don’t wear pants. 

Thanks a lot for firmly planting a knee in the crotches of dad across America.

I’m showing this to my son as often as possible on YouTube and I’m crossing my fingers that he gets addicted to it so I have an excuse to watch it over and over and over the way I watch Sesame Street every day.

Do the producers of Sesame Street have any idea who Katy Perry is or are their heads planted so firmly planted between their own butt cheeks that they’re totally clueless?  

Cheerfully and innocently showing a lot of skin while butchering mindless pop songs is her thing.  Did you expect her to show up in an oversized turtleneck and baggy sweats?


Like every dad humoring his child while watching hour after hour after hour of mind-numbing episodes of Sesame Street, I deserve a few minutes of harmless, appealing cleavage on the show.

Katy Perry’s cleavage was going to be my Holy Grail of Sesame Street episodes and now it’s gone. 

To the makers of Sesame Street: You’re a bunch of clueless cowards living in an annoying, overly-cheerful fantasy land.

To the parents who complained to keep the segment off the air: Go rot you worthless, hyperconservative twits.

And now, for your viewing pleasure and to annoy the twisted, wretched, self-loathing, tightly-wound mothers who are probably to blame for killing the Katy Perry cleavage segment on Sesame Street, here are many delightful photos of Ms. Perry.

Choke on it.


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