Hitting mute and enjoying the scenery on Sesame Street

Sesame Street turns up the heat with this video which is unusually tasty for that show as long as you keep it on mute http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/sfmoms/detail?entry_id=72865&tsp=1

For some strange reason I enjoy looking at Katy Perry a lot more than I enjoy listening to her.

Imagine that.

* Damn you Evernote, damn you all to hell!

For some reason a handful of potential blog items I drafted in Evernote vanished this week.

That’s a lot of now-forgotten stupid thoughts I’ll never be able to share in this neglected little corner of cyberspace.

Admit it, your world feels a little emptier now that you know what you’re missing doesn’t it?

* A quick observation from the Stanford-Wake Forest football game last weekend:  Stanford’s black uniforms are horrible, just horrible.  Send them back to Nike and just stick to tradition guys.  

* I can already tell that this blog is going to start collecting dust again pretty soon.

My wife’s due date is just 12 weeks away and now that she’s entered her third trimester she’s really slowing down which means I need to pick up the pace around the house.

Carrying around a rapidly-growing human being in your belly can do that to a woman.

That adds up to more housework and less blogging for yours truly which is OK since I knew I was living on borrowed time.

Considering what happened when my son was born “less blogging” will probably stagnate into “no blogging” for quite a while once my daughter arrives.
I seriously doubt if that’s actually going to matter to anyone but if it does, don’t worry because I’ll probably pop back up in a month or two.

I tip my hat to all the mommy bloggers out there who find the time and effort to regularly publish posts while chasing kids around. 

How does a terrorist attack even enter your mind when the subject of bringing a military relic to town as a museum piece comes up at a meeting? 

* So strange, but so oddly amusing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X21mJh6j9i4&feature=player_embedded Follow Jimmy Kimmel on Twitter for fun stuff like this.

* I’m convinced that the next cast member for Sesame Street will be discovered working the morning shift at Starbucks.

I dropped by my local branch on the way to work one morning because as usual I was tired, cranky and dragging and needed a strong jolt of caffeine to shake off the cobwebs.

It’s unbelievable how cheerful the staff is at that place at the crack of dawn.

They’re so blissed out over absolutely nothing that they’d fit right in on Sesame Street where it’s apparently against the law to seen in public without a stupid grin on your face.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, but just once I’d love to see Chris snap at Elmo or Alan throw Abby out of his store in a fit of annoyed rage.

How could those characters not get on your nerves if you had to see them every single day on Sesame Street?

* One more example of how pathetic I am when it comes to weight loss: I’m too lazy to track my diet and fitness habits.

A few weeks ago I signed up for a free account at FitDay.com to track the foods I eat vs. the calories I burn.

At that point my effort to lose weight had already gone off the tracks but I thought I could at least do something easy like FitDay to learn something.

I barely kept at it for a week.

How absurd is that?

I’m sure that part of the reason I quit so quickly is because the site didn’t really tell me anything I didn’t already know.  I eat too much junk and I don’t exercise enough.

There’s no need to spend 10 or 15 minutes a day updating a FitDay account to figure that out.

* To the dork I saw in Walnut Creek last weekend wearing a Michael Vick Eagles jersey: Stay classy you clown.

* In case you’re wondering, I am still making a tepid effort at learning to eat better by reading “Food Rules: An Eater’s Guide” by Michael Pollan.

If I was smart I’d read the book while jogging in place to at least burn a few calories but instead I’ve been flipping through it every night while lounging on the couch watching TV and drinking a gin and tonic.

Not exactly the recipe for successful weight loss is it?

So what’s my early impression of the book?  It looks like I can’t eat anything from the grocery store because everything is full of poison.

I don’t know if I’m a smarter eater after casually reading “Food Rules” for a couple of days but I am a lot more paranoid and a little depressed about everything I eat.

Thanks Mr. Pollan.


The video on this Web page is ridiculous … and totally hilarious: http://www.usa.philips.com/c/mens-grooming/18665/cat/

And for the record, the only reason I ended up finding it was because I was lured to the page by a vague ad with a hot chick in a bikini at Deadspin.com.

Don’t laugh, I’m being serious.  I swear haven’t pulled a Mr. Miyagi on my short hairs.

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