Yes, this is depressing to look at unless you’re a Rockies fan

A rare early-week post here at TWGB …

As you know my most recent post here was a look at hitters who were a part of the A’s organization before finding stardom elsewhere.

I followed that up with a post at Tumblr ( to account for the fact that I let Nick Swisher slip through the cracks.

Since I’m a baseball nut I wandered over to ESPN today to look at some stats and when you call up the Colorado Rockies this (pictured above) is what you get.

Yeah that’s Carlos Gonzalez, former Athletic, leading the Rockies in … well …. EVERYTHING.

He’s also making a strong run at the Triple Crown.

In my most recent post I concluded in my usual In Beane We Trust fashion that trading CarGo to the Rockies can’t be subjected to a conclusive final analysis until we we see how Michael Taylor pans out for the A’s.

But a quick look at ESPN’s Rockies team page drives home the deflating fact that Taylor has to put up at least a couple of MVP-caliber seasons for the trade to at least look like a push for Oakland and I just don’t think that’s ever going to happen.

Please excuse me as I gently weep all over my keyboard during the rest of my lunch break.


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