Sometimes there is such a thing as too much love

For a guy who made such a production about battling his beer gut I missed one major detail: Weighing myself on opening day of my weight loss effort.


Makes it kind of hard to gauge whether I’m making any progress without a starting weight doesn’t it?

I’ll just have to live with a bloated number I scribbled down back in June as my baseline.

So, how’s this whole thing going?

When I started drafting this post a couple of weeks ago I wasn’t doing too bad.

But I think hanging out with my family over the weekend may have dealt my efforts a big setback. 

They’re feeders which means food is love.  I’m an eater which means passionately chowing down is the best way to reciprocate their affection.

Let’s just say there was a lot of love (and calories) going around last weekend.

In general, here’s how things are playing out so far:

1.  twEATing is dead … or at least the lead-in to every Twitter post is dead.  I just can’t spare the 8 characters every time.  One thing the early tweets proved is that I haven’t given up on any of the flab-generating foods that I love to a fault.

2.  Portion control isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.  Up until last weekend I rarely polished off my plate. 

That’s certainly not perfect, but it’s progress.

3.  Diet tonic water is just as ridiculous as it sounds.  I thought I’d give it a try when I was stocking the bar one weekend and it was a horrible experience.  You know what?  I’ll live with the 100 calories that real tonic water delivers.  What’s the point of a vice anyway if you try to make it healthy?  

4.  After taking a hard look around this house I have come to the conclusion that if good intentions burned calories I wouldn’t be in this flabby predicament. 

I have a 2-year-old elliptical trainer that I’ve only spent 5 minutes on.  I have a 6-year-old pair of running shoes that look brand new and I have The Perfect Pushup still in the box — I have no idea how long ago I bought it but I know I’ve never used the damn thing. 

At this point I have almost everything I need to lose some weight except for one little thing: Consistent effort and will power.

There must be a late-night infomercial selling that stuff.

5. Beat the bulge, win a wardrobe.  I recently found a ton of clothes in my closet gathering dust just because I’ve let my gut expand a little too far.  All I have to do is ditch some fat and I’ll get a free fashion makeover.  

6.  When the heck am I going to scale the scale?  A big question and a potential source of big disappointment … especially because I’m spinning my wheels when it comes to matching portion control with more physical activity.

You can only burn so many calories chasing a toddler around and when you’re done there’s not much gas left in the tank to exercise more.

I think I’ll wait until August to step on the bathroom scale.  If I can see over my beer gut by then I may actually find an encouraging number resting at my feet.


A quick run through some random points …

* Way to go Diamondbacks.  After giving up the most of your farm system to acquire Dan Haren from the A’s a few years ago you just flipped him to the Angels for mediocre pitcher Joe Saunders and a handful of magic beans.  Seriously, the deal with Anaheim was the best you could do?

* Something seems absurd about the Phillies making a hard run at Roy Oswalt to try and salvage their playoff hopes.  Maybe if the Phils didn’t give Cliff Lee away to the Mariners for a package of bland prospects they wouldn’t be in this position.  A 1-2-3 punch of Roy Halladay, Cliff Lee and Cole Hamels would probably have Philadelphia comfortably ahead in the NL East right now.

* Speaking of the Mariners, what a difference several months makes.  In the offseason general manager Jack Zduriencik was hailed in some circles as a genius for building a contender on a foundation of pitching/defense/good chemistry but today Seattle is almost 20 games out of first place with a bunch of clubhouse problems.  It’s actually kind of entertaining.


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