There’s a way to San Jose for the A’s, but it’ll cost’em

The San Francisco Chronicle’s John Shea does a nice job clearly presenting a fact that doesn’t seem to get anywhere near enough play in the coverage of the A’s attempt to move to San Jose: The area was always shared territory until the A’s gave it to the Giants so they could pursue their own potential move to San Jose years ago 

Overall, general coverage of the A’s current attempt to move usually seems to fall along the simplistic lines of “The A’s want to move to San Jose … but that’s Giants territory. Period.” which by default spins the story into the A’s coming out of nowhere to brazenly overstep their bounds with the Giants playing the victim.

Guess what Giants?  You never moved and the fact that you still have exclusive rights is simply a fluke, a loose end that was never tied off.  The former A’s owners were gracious enough to let the Giants explore a move to San Jose and it’s time to return the favor because there’s actually something lucrative in it for you.

My idea for the Giants and owner Bill Neukom: Work out a $ettlement with A’s ownership for San Jose similar to what the Orioles and Nationals hashed out several years ago and then ramp up your marketing effort in the East Bay to cash in on the A’s departure to the South Bay.

Die-hard Giants fans in San Jose won’t jump ship and casual baseball fans in the East Bay won’t follow the A’s to San Jose, they’re going to come across the Bay for their baseball fix and that’s all easy money in Neukom’s pocket (not that he needs it).

Under that scenario the A’s finally get the new ballpark they need to increase revenues to retain players and attract free agents and fans south of San Jose who currently aren’t likely to trek all the way to Oakland or San Francisco to see a ballgame get an opportunity to regularly go to games which expands Major League Baseball’s reach and lines the pockets of every owner in the league.

Everyone wins.

Of course, A’s manager Bob Geren will master the art of the double switch before that ever happens …

* More musings on Sesame Street: One more thing I have learned after watching hours and hours of this show with my son — with all due apologies to Maria, Leela is the hottest woman in that Muppet-infested neighborhood. If I lived on Sesame Street I’d shamelessly hang out at her laundrymat all the time.

* Speaking of my son, I’m starting to think that his wardrobe is big enough to clothe at least five or six kids.  I realized this while looking at some photos we took of him over the past few months.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen him wear most of those outfits again.  The only way those clothes will ever be worn for a second time is if the baby we’re expecting in December is a boy.  I have no idea why anyone ever shells out any money for the overpriced clothes at Baby Gap.

* It’s time to break out my Billy Beane to English Dictionary after reading the CoCo Times’ midseason report on the A’s

When asked whether manager Bob Geren should worry about his job security as losses continue to pile up Beane’s response was:

“Certainly wins and losses are ultimately the most important thing. (But) I always think you have to be careful and understand that with a young team, and a challenging financial situation, you have to temper your expectations somewhat and exercise patience.”


“We’re basically a Triple A team so there’s no point to make a change and hire a big league manager because Bob’s basically a Triple A manager which makes him perfect for this job.”

* Recently saw a commercial with sports columnist Ray Ratto promoting his move from the Chronicle to CSN Bay Area and it wasn’t pretty.

I’ve heard that the camera can add a few pounds but this was ridiculous.

Join me on board the weight loss train pal, there’s room for one more and the seats are wide and comfy. Aside from that, congrats to the big guy on the new gig … not that I’m suddenly going to start reading his columns.


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