Let the gut busting begin … just as soon as I have another beer

The three-day Fourth of July weekend is here and not a moment too soon.

It’s been a week full of unproductive air-conditioner repair headaches and a few A’s wins against the helpless Orioles.

On to the random ramblings …

* You heard it here first, July 6 is the day I’m marking on my calendar to formally start battling the bulge. I’m on the fast track to looking like this guy http://tiny.cc/5qjvz and that needs to change. Actually, I probably already look like that guy which is frightening.

What’s the plan? Nothing major at this point, I’m just setting my sights into easing into some portion control, some different food choices, and a little more activity. I figure that it took years to get to this low point which means it’ll take some time to make changes and see progress.

Why set July 6 as the big day? That’s easy: Who wants to try to start eating well during the July 4th weekend? I need to honor America by consuming copious amounts of beer and hot dogs on Sunday.

You see, I’m not a pig I’m a patriot.

We’ll see how long this effort lasts because most of my previous half-hearted attempts to wage war on my expanding gut have lasted about as long as a Pablo Sandoval at-bat.

Going public with my plan may be amusing enough to keep me on track. The potential for public humiliation if I don’t follow up on my plan may also light a fire under my well-padded butt.

Check in on this site and the Twitter feed for Eat&Tweet updates to see if I’m on track or if I’ve fallen off the wagon and landed face down in a pile of nachos.

* I got dragged into watching the “Emma” PBS miniseries with my wife last week and I have to admit that it wasn’t too bad for a period piece. It was no “Clueless” but it certainly wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever been forced to watch (“Down with Love” wins that award, hands down). But for my money “Emma” would have been a lot better if lead actress Romola Garai was allowed to dress like this http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_-Cb_iV_LnpU/SGLOyXCnBZI/AAAAAAAAEhc/98LvwduaS90/s1600/garai71600x1200.jpg

* A tip of the hat to A’s TV broadcaster Glen Kuiper for going all in on the “Ron Burgundy” look for 70s Night last Saturday for the A’s-Pirates game (bottom picture above). That broadcast was one of the most entertaining things to come along in what was a painful stretch of baseball for the A’s.

* Where’s some love for me on Ebay? I sold stuff for the first time a couple of months ago and haven’t received any positive feedback. Reasonable prices, quick shipment, timely communication, positive feedback for each buyer … I thought all that stuff had some value. I scratched their backs, when are they going to scratch mine? I want to keep the star on my Ebay profile nice and shiny.

* $20 million from the state of California to Jaycee Dugard’s family http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5gCoToBKMohuerCVmkKf4CTxqQ2IwD9GMD6S80? That’s a tidy sum but I’m not convinced it really covers what that girl, her daughters and family have gone through because of the state’s incompetence.

* This feels so strange to write, but it’s so true: You can’t beat the poop. And by poop I mean “The Poop,” the rare blog worth regular attention at SF Gate http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/parenting/index? I swear that Peter Hartlaub is the long lost secret twin brother that my parents never told me about.

* One more example that I’m losing my cred as a die-hard sports fan now that I’m busy chasing a toddler around: I’ve only watched about 5 minutes of the World Cup. I won’t pretend that I’m a soccer fan but the World Cup is definitely a sports event worth following but right now I’m opting for Sesame Street with my son over vuvuzelas and 0-0 ties in South Africa.


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