It’s colorful down under … and we’re not talking about Australia

What better way to ring in the new year at The World's Greatest Blog than by taking this site right into the gutter?

Smart move, right?  There'll be nowhere to go but up from here on out.  Brilliant and stupid all at once.

How low can we go? Below the belt, right to the ol' short hairs to be exact.

You can thank my wife's hair salon for this train wreck of thought that's about to unfold.

You see, 13 salon in Walnut Creek is the proud retailer of Betty (, a pubic hair dye.  How can something like that go unblogged?

I don't know how many times I've seen a woman with garish dye job and had an amused curiosity about whether the carpet matches the drapes. Well, now the carpet can match the drapes thanks to Betty.

According to Betty's Web site they carry black, auburn, brown, blonde, fun, malibu and sexy.  They even carry a Ready Betty styling kit and boast 100,000 happy, colorful customers in less than a year.

If you ask me, there's an untapped potential gold mine nestled in the pubic hairs of color-conscious women across America.

Why should Betty stop with their current products?

How about sports or college themed colors and stencils?

Imagine a rabid young University of Michigan fan with a maize and gold wolverine proudly dyed and cut south of the border?  How about a die-hard Florida Marlins fan with a big ol' teale fish boldy displayed in the comforts of her thong during the heat of a pennant race?

Why stop there?  How about holiday themed Bettys?  They're already tuned in to Valentine's Day but how about red and green dye with stencils for Christmas trees?  Orange and black with stencils for pumpkins and skulls?

If I was so inclined I could even give myself a makeover "down there" thanks to Betty's "manscaping" products for men (

The possibilities are as endless as they are potentially tasteless. 

My mind is often in the gutter but it's now a far more colorful and creative place thanks to Betty.

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