Net peeves

I've been online way too much lately which has stirred up some long-simmering annoyances.  I'll call'em Net peeves and share a few to ring in the new year: 

* Getting an e-mail notifying you that someone is following your Twitter feed only to find that their profile has been pulled from the site almost immediately.  What'd I  miss?  Porn?  Spam is more likely but the mystery is killing me.

* Memes on Facebook.  If TV turned us into a generation of hams then social networking has turned us into a generation of lemmings, stampeding every time a meme rolls around.

Maybe someday someone will have some hard evidence that sharing a bra color with everyone or cutting and pasting some ham-handed feel-good comment makes a significant difference in the world.  Until then I'll keep trying to wear out the "hide" feature on Facebook.

Don't get me wrong, I usually support the cause but the effect of flooding everyone's feed with random colors or the same phrase over and over and over seems almost as trite as starting the wave at a ballgame.

* Keyboard-in-mouth disease.  A buddy of mine posted a crass comment during the whole "share your bra color to raise breast cancer awareness" meme and instead of wisely fading away after his comment was justifiably flamed he just kept digging himself in deeper and deeper.

As anyone who reads this blog knows, giving someone a keyboard and an open forum can sometimes be a very bad thing.

* Size-shifting banner ads across the top of Web pages.  There's nothing quite like calling up one of your favorite sites and trying to click on a link only to have it suddenly slide down the screen as some obnoxious ad unfurls.

The icing on the cake is when you scroll down to catch up to the link only to have it suddenly slide back up the page and out of reach as the ad shrinks back.  Really charming.

Who the hell came up with these things?

* Flakes on Craigslist and Freecycle.  They're selling something or they really want to buy something … and then they vanish like a fart in the wind as soon as you try to follow up with them.  Sometimes I get the feeling that at least 90 percent of the people on Craigslist and Freecycle are total flakes.

But if you're reading this and you're someone who likes to open random, questionable Twitter accounts; starts and loves Facebook memes; habitually posts tasteless stuff online; designs those monster banner ads; or enjoys flaking out on Craigslist or Freecycle … no offense and thanks for visiting The World's Greatest Blog.


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