Gimme Jaycee’s Law ASAP

By now it's painfully clear from all the details coming out of the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping that our law enforcement system is utterly, inexcusably broken and pathetically incapable of policing known sex offenders.

Convicted sexual predator Phillip Garrido was inexplicably cut loose from a 50 year prison sentence and then breezed through years of incompetent parole followups and a police visit, on his way to 18 years of raping and torturing Dugard before finally being caught last week thanks to the gut instincts and common sense of a UC Berkeley campus cop.

One solution?  How about enraged mobs of citizens taking up torches and pitchforks while looking up convicted sexual predators in their neighborhoods? 

That certainly appeals to me.

Kick down the doors of these sick bastards, turn their homes upside down looking for children trapped in secret torture chambers and chase them out of kid-filled suburbia.

Unfortunately, that's probably not going to happen.

Another solution that may be a little more realistic and the best bet for avoiding a replay of the Dugard saga?  How about revamping the way our legal system handles known sexual predators?

Call it Jaycee's Law or Jaycee's Reforms …  give it any name you like but the bottom line is that things need to change in a major way across the board.

Start with making it a lot tougher for these bastards to get out of jail. Why was Garrido on the loose in the first place?

Follow that up with far stricter scheduled parole visits that involve full searches of the convict's premises.

Throw in coordination with the convict's neighbors to keep tabs on their behavior, a joint effort with local police to patrol the neighborhood a little more often than other parts of suburbia along with surprise semi-annual visits to the convict's house that includes a full search of the premises and we might be on to something.

The icing on the cake to all this would be the firing of every parole officer involved in the Garrido case throughout the tears along with a pink slip for the Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy who responded to a citizen's call about girls living in Garrido's yard but never ventured past the scumbag's front porch.

When everything is said and done Garrido and his wife need to end up on the business end of a lethal injection.

Every member of law enforcement with their fingerprints all over this train wreck need to be chased off the state's payroll.

Jaycee and her family need to start healing the wounds inflicted by 18 years of Garrido's twisted acts and the failure of our legal system.

But just as important as all of that is a concerted effort to learn from almost two decades of inexcusable failures by our legal system.

If something like Jaycee's Law or Jaycee's Reforms saves even one child from a lifetime of misery it'll be worth the time, effort and money required to make wholesale changes to the way the legal system handles monsters like Garrido.

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