Gimme Jaycee’s Law ASAP

By now it's painfully clear from all the details coming out of the Jaycee Dugard kidnapping that our law enforcement system is utterly, inexcusably broken and pathetically incapable of policing known sex offenders.

Convicted sexual predator Phillip Garrido was inexplicably cut loose from a 50 year prison sentence and then breezed through years of incompetent parole followups and a police visit, on his way to 18 years of raping and torturing Dugard before finally being caught last week thanks to the gut instincts and common sense of a UC Berkeley campus cop.

One solution?  How about enraged mobs of citizens taking up torches and pitchforks while looking up convicted sexual predators in their neighborhoods? 

That certainly appeals to me.

Kick down the doors of these sick bastards, turn their homes upside down looking for children trapped in secret torture chambers and chase them out of kid-filled suburbia.

Unfortunately, that's probably not going to happen.

Another solution that may be a little more realistic and the best bet for avoiding a replay of the Dugard saga?  How about revamping the way our legal system handles known sexual predators?

Call it Jaycee's Law or Jaycee's Reforms …  give it any name you like but the bottom line is that things need to change in a major way across the board.

Start with making it a lot tougher for these bastards to get out of jail. Why was Garrido on the loose in the first place?

Follow that up with far stricter scheduled parole visits that involve full searches of the convict's premises.

Throw in coordination with the convict's neighbors to keep tabs on their behavior, a joint effort with local police to patrol the neighborhood a little more often than other parts of suburbia along with surprise semi-annual visits to the convict's house that includes a full search of the premises and we might be on to something.

The icing on the cake to all this would be the firing of every parole officer involved in the Garrido case throughout the tears along with a pink slip for the Contra Costa County sheriff's deputy who responded to a citizen's call about girls living in Garrido's yard but never ventured past the scumbag's front porch.

When everything is said and done Garrido and his wife need to end up on the business end of a lethal injection.

Every member of law enforcement with their fingerprints all over this train wreck need to be chased off the state's payroll.

Jaycee and her family need to start healing the wounds inflicted by 18 years of Garrido's twisted acts and the failure of our legal system.

But just as important as all of that is a concerted effort to learn from almost two decades of inexcusable failures by our legal system.

If something like Jaycee's Law or Jaycee's Reforms saves even one child from a lifetime of misery it'll be worth the time, effort and money required to make wholesale changes to the way the legal system handles monsters like Garrido.


Nothing to fear, the police are here

OK, let’s get this out of the way ASAP: I don’t really care for cops.

Never have.

Maybe it’s just an immature disdain for some authority figures but I’ve never been a big fan of law enforcement.

Even with that in mind the Jaycee Lee Dugard story becomes more infuriating by the minute.

More details continue to emerge out about what a sick, twisted bastard Phillip Garrido is and how his wife is just as despicable for her role in the kidnapping.

But the thing I can’t get over is how criminally incompetent overall law enforcement looks as the details surrounding this sad, twisted story come to light.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle ( in 2006 a sheriff’s deputy fumbled away a golden opportunity to uncover Garrido’s crimes after neighbors alerted authorities that children were living in squalor in his yard.

What did Super Cop do? He threatened the guy with a code violation. Without ever taking a look in his yard.

That’s some impressive police work.

According to the sheriff in today’s Chron article: “We should have been more inquisitive, more curious and turned over a rock or two. Our work product should have resulted in a better outcome.”

That has to be the understatement of the century.

Super Cop was too incompetent, lazy and clueless to stick his nose in Garrido’s yard which led to a poor girl being raped, abused and tortured for three more years of her life.

Yeah sheriff, I’d say there are better outcomes than that.

But Mr. Sheriff and Super Cop will probably continue to stuff their pockets with taxpayer money and “work” enough overtime every year to significantly pad their annual salaries.

Hopefully some heads in law enforcement will roll for this mess and changes will be made to keep either convicted sex offenders locked away for good or under far closer inspection once they’re set loose.

At this point it’s hard not to be at least a little suspicious about the “diligent questioning” by the police that allegedly revealed that the girl was a kidnap victim considering all the bungling by the authorities that’s coming to light.

Combine that with the fact that certified nutjob Garrido claims in a semi-incoherent prison interview that when all the details come out it will become clear that this is actually an inspiring story about how he turned his life around and it’s not completely outlandish to start wondering whether “diligent questioning” by our heroic boys in blue is actually B.S. code for “The crazy bastard freely admitted everything the moment he came in to see us.”

I don’t know what’s worse, knowing that freaks like Garrido are living right next door to me in suburbia or the fact that morons like the CoCo sheriffs are the people who are supposed to protect us.

Major kudos to the UC Berkeley campus cops who flagged Garrido as a questionable character when he started sniffing around the university.

But the big question, and the big problem with the system, is why was he able to get away with his crimes for so long?

Since there are no campus cops here in suburbia I’d almost feel safer if the schmucks from the “Police Academy” movies ( were in charge of things because it doesn’t look like anyone else with a badge can be counted on.

That ain’t no Britney Spears

Proving, once again, that Dean Singleton's sucks is today's "CelebPix" at

The headline reels us in with the promise of Britney Spears in a bikini.

Once click later you're feasting your horny eyes on Bill Cosby (top photo).

That's right up there with the time the CCT teased to photos of Megan Fox and delivered a shot of Betty White.

You can see what you're missing in the bottom photo.

God bless America.

My mind is mush

Is The World's Greatest Blog dead?  No, but it is really freakin' tired in an "I had no idea parenthood would be this exhausting" kind of way.

Throw dealing with some major mold and water damage at the house on top of getting a hang of the whole "dad" thing and you can see why this site is a lot staler than usual.

Tweeting is proving to be a lot easier than blogging these days (

So here's a dive into the sleep-deprived puddle of grey matter that passes for my brain these days …

* One more reason to love the hide feature on Facebook: A suddenly seemingly clueless friend of mine is applauding the BART union for having the courage to go on strike in this economy.

Cheer on a bunch of spoiled, clueless, overpaid train conductors and station agents who would rather strand more than 300,000 commuters than be grateful to have a job in today's economy?

No, I don't think I'll applaud that B.S. but I'm sure I'll pass on letting my old pal clutter up my Facebook newsfeed with that kind of B.S.

* One more reason for my wife to think I'm crazy: I love watching classic A's games on TV.

The little lady can't believe I enthusiastically watch old games when they're on but like I told her, it's usually more fun to watch the old A's than the current A's.

The added bonus with a classic A's game is that I know I'm going to see'em win which beats investing a few hours watching a game this season only to see them blow it.

To be fair, the A's haven't been all that bad lately.  It looks like there's definitely some potential for a really strong pitching staff in a year or two.

* How about those Giants?:  The did a faceplant against the Reds and showed that they're not ready for prime time against the Dodgers.

I have a hard time buying into the idea that recent acquisitions Ryan Garko and Freddy Sanchez are enough to push the Giants into the playoffs.  Personally, I see the Cardinals, Cubs and Rockies as the most likely teams to win the NL wild card.

The Giants' pathetic offense, questionable back end of the rotation and Brian Wilson's shaky psyche just don't look like the right mix for a playoff appearance this year.

Dodgers third baseman Casey Blake is right, Wilson's post-save celebration is absurd.

* Ready for some football? No, not even close:  Is it just me or is it way too early for the NFL to be on TV? I hate seeing the yard marks in the middle of the field during an A's game.

Shaun Hill vs. Alex Smith?  I have a hard time working up any sort of passion for the 49ers quarterback battle when it's still summer and the pennant races are heating up.

Does it really make a difference who's taking snaps for the Niners this fall?

They'll be a .500 team at best regardless of who's handing the ball off to Frank Gore and throwing to a typically unspectacular bunch of wide receivers in November.

I love coach Mike Singletary's passion but there just isn't enough talent in the San Francisco locker room to make a legit playoff push.

Hopefully they can prove me wrong or else it's going to be a long, boring NFL season for this 49ers fan.

* Dialed in for all the wrong reasons: It took a while for me to get around to following my friends advice to check out

Now that I've checked it out I'm doomed.  I'm hooked to the latest, greatest time waster I've come across in a while.

I should be crunching our budget to figure out how the heck we're going to pay for all the water and mold damage at the house.

I should be bonding with my 3-month-old son.

But instead of doing stuff like that — you know, important stuff — I've been wasting my free time making ringtone after ringtone after ringtone.

It sure beats paying Verizon $3 a pop for a ringtone but I really should get back down to business around the house.

And when you get right down to it, why do I need a dozen different ringtones?  It's not like anyone ever calls me.