I hate false advertising

Here's one more example that every newspaper owned by Dean Singleton eventually becomes a bad joke …

I surfed over to ContraCostaTimes.com this morning to see what the local paper had to offer today and was naturally drawn to the Celeb Pics link at the side of the page.

Who could resist?

The CCT was teasing to a slideshow full of Megan Fox photos.  Could there possibly be a better way to start the day?

I enthusiastically clicked on the "Slide show" link and waited for the "Transformers" hottie to fill my screen.

Know what I got?

Betty Freakin' White.

Trust me, expecting Fox and getting a Golden Girl was like being thrown into an ice-cold shower.

The CCT pulled the most twisted bait and switch I've ever seen.

Maybe I should go easy on the San Francisco Chronicle for it's Seenster feature on its Web page?

At least they deliver when they promise readers photos of lusty, busty ladies.


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