Less than a man but more than a pillow

All I can say to the people at Dealnews.com is thank you for the Hug Me Pillow.

Thank you so very much for keeping an eye out for can't-miss deals like this: http://dealnews.com/Hug-Me-Pillow-for-25-3-s-h/302263.html at http://www.overstock.com/Home-Garden/Hug-Me-Pillow/1676854/product.html?cid=128291&fp=F&srccode=cii_13736960&cpncode=21-21399387-2.

With an almost-2-month-old son screaming his lungs out this morning after fussing for most of last night I needed a good laugh and the Hug Me Pillow has saved the day.

Part male torso, part pillow and totally absurd, the Hug Me Pillow is selling for just $24.97 on Overstock.com today.  Hard to believe a retailer ended up with more Hug Me Pillows than they could sell.

At least the reviews at Overstock.com show a sense of humor about the Hug Me Pillow with one woman even going so far as to say she doesn't mind it when her husband goes out of town anymore now that she has the Hug Me Pillow to keep her company.

The reviews at Amazon.com are entertaining too (http://www.amazon.com/Boyfriend-Pillow-Bachelorette-Husband-Sexiest/product-reviews/B000PJBXLG/ref=dp_top_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1) with one guy using the pillow as a fallback option when a his pickup lines at the bar fail miserably.

According to the product details at Overstock.com the Hug Me Pillow is dry clean only.  I'm sure that has led to plenty of awkward moments at local dry cleaners all across America.

I wish I worked at a store that was selling this thing just so I could get a good look at the people who were spending their hard-earned money to snuggle up with this bizarre product.


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