Mental leftovers

This post used to be a weekly swing through all the odds and ends that didn’t quite fit into any other blog post during the week but for now it’ll just have to be the musings of a sleep-deprived first-time father trying to escape the shackles of Twitter ….

* Oh yeah, have I mentioned that TWGB is also on Twitter? I tweet a little more often than I blog so if you’re a glutton for punishment check out

* My son is only a month and a half old now and I can’t believe how much we’re already spending on diapers. If all that money went into a 529 plan ( instead of an endless supply of diapers there would probably be a decent amount of cash for a college education in 18 years. Oh well, it’s not like I’m going to stop using toilet paper anytime soon just to save a buck so I might as well keep stocking up on Pampers. Dealing with shit is just an inescapable part of everyone’s life.

* I was at a wedding recently and one thing never changes: I. Love. Open. Bars. I’m like a little kid on Christmas morning every time I go to a wedding and I realize that the booze is going to flow freely through the whole event.

* Speaking of alcohol, I was at St. George’s Spirits Distillery in Alameda last weekend ( for a tour and vodka tasting and one thing really stood out: The Hangar One vodka infused with chipotle chiles. It’s an odd mix but it’s definitely worth a try. But if eating one too many chipotle chicken wings in Arizona has taught me anything it’s that the evil chile is almost as hot going out as it is going in. I’m glad I only had a small taste of St. George’s red-hot offering because I may have been in a lot of pain if I tossed back an entire glass of the chipotle vodka.

* Looks like I’m not alone in knocking the A’s selection of Jemile Weeks over Brett Wallace in last year’s draft. A’s Director of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi says the team made the wrong call ( I’m sure Weeks must enjoy reading that.

* Don’t forget to check out TWGB on Twitter at where this brand of stupidity is dumbed down to 140 characters.

* I read somewhere that a family friend claims that Jon Gosselin, the dad on annoying reality TV trainwreck “Jon and Kate Plus 8,” doesn’t have any ambition. Now that I’m a dad I can see why. I only have one kid and I’ve run out of the time and energy to be ambitious about anything. Poor Jon has eight screaming kids and a witch for a wife, how the heck would he be able to be ambitious about anything other than a divorce from Kate?

* Back to the A’s. One thing they’ve really needed all season is a reliable left-handed relief pitcher. I know someone who’d be a great fit. He’s pitching for the Florida Marlins and he has a 2.55 ERA with 26 strikeouts and just 15 hits in about 24 innings this season. Kid’s name is Dan Meyer ( … the same Dan Meyer who was the prized prospect the A’s received from the Braves for Tim Hudson (not this Dan Meyer who seems a lot cooler It just figures that Meyer sucked the entire time he was with the A’s and as soon as he leaves he becomes a competent Major League pitcher.

* One more A’s complaint: While driving around the Bay Area a few weeks ago to introduce my son to members of my family I found that the worst reception I got while tuning in to the A’s on the radio was when I was right by the Oakland Coliseum. What’s up with that? I shouldn’t have to be 30 miles away from the ballpark to get a clean signal.

* I finally saw “Star Trek” ( a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it’s a fun little flick but it must be incredibly boring being a barber on Vulcan. You’d spend your entire career giving bowl cuts to painfully dull guys all day long.

* Mr. T + baseball = Awesomeness (

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