This blog hasn’t gone dark, I swear

Today's the Big Day, the due date for my son to be born.

But it's April 14 and the little guy is still camped out inside of my wife which is my current excuse for not posting anything here in weeks.

I've been in a holding pattern expecting the little dude to pop out any minute which understandably puts blogging on the back burner.

My co-workers are greatly amused to see me keep showing up at work day after day because they've been expecting me to vanish into the exciting world of fatherhood any minute for the last couple of weeks.

The little guy isn't chilling out in the womb today for any lack of effort on the part of me and my wife to encourage him to squirt out of there.

We've tried frequent walks and spicy foods and even turned to the legendary Prego Pizza at Skipolini's for a little help (

Since local legend says the Prego Pizza has been helping women go into labor since 1981 we thought we'd give it a try last Friday night to take a break from cooking and washing dishes.

It's a damn good pie and it looked like it might be working its labor-inducing magic on Saturday afternoon after we had some leftovers for lunch.

A little bit of pizza, a little walk through the neighborhood and several contractions later we thought we might be on the verge of the rugrat's arrival but clearly he didn't feel like being born yet.

Stubborn kid.  I wonder where he gets that from?

One more sign that I'm going to hit it off with this little runt: He was kicking to the beat of Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" while I was watching "Rocky III" last week.

If that isn't a sure sign that he wants to be named Apollo Creed I don't know what is.