Mental leftovers

A Sunday swing through all the odds and ends that didn't quite fit into any other blog post during the week …

* This is getting a little old isn't it?  A helping of leftovers when there was barely a main course served during the week on this site.

Last week was one big, busy mess which kept me from posting much.

I have to tip my hat to parents who regularly post to their mommy/daddy blogs.  I can't imagine where they find the time or energy to blog all week long.

Our kid hasn't even arrived yet and I'm barely posting two items a week.

*  I'm still of the opinion that A's owner Lew Wolff isn't doing the franchise any favors by spitting in Oakland's face regarding a potential deal for a new ballpark.  But I also agree with his stance that pursuing a new stadium in Oakland is a lost cause.

"Sadly, the business and corporate base of the city of Oakland was very limited when we purchased the team and has eroded since. Our attendance and low number of season ticket holders (both one of the lowest in Major League Baseball) also continues to decline; even when our on-field performance produced playoff participation," Wolff said in a San Francisco Chronicle article this week(

What Wolff is saying makes perfect sense.  It just doesn't seem to make any sense for him to say it on the record unless he's trying to drive home the message to San Jose that if you want us, come get us.

Chron columnists Mattier and Ross eloquently pointed out the obvious this morning by showing that the odds are currently stacked against the A's moving to San Jose (

The Giants' territorial rights to San Jose seems like the biggest obstacle in the way of an A's move to the South Bay. But for my money San Francisco's claim to that market has never passed the smell test.  The Giants can cry all they want but they won't experience a crash in attendance or corporate sponsorship and vanish if the A's head to the South Bay.

My gut feeling is Wolff must have something lined up with Selig and some politicians in San Jose that looks promising enough to blow off Oakland and make a strong play for a ballpark in the South Bay.

*  Wasn't I a regular viewer of "Fringe" at one point? 

Looks like I was:

Apparently I don't really love the show as much as I thought I did because it recently occurred to me that "Fringe" is deep into its second season and I haven't watched a single episode.

Have I missed anything?  How's that cow doing?

I kind of miss the sweet blend of "The X-Files" and "Green Acres" that "Fringe" gave me every week.

* The great part of the World Baseball Classic is that there are some really entertaining games on TV right now.

The drawback?  ESPN's baseball broadcasters are back on the air.

Failed Mets GM Steve Phillips/ESPN's resident idiot was in midseason form as he wasted a couple of minutes during the Puerto Rico-Panama game fawning over Felipe Lopez's facial hair.

I'm going to wear out the mute button on my remote before this tournament is over.

* The 49ers signed quarterback Alex Smith to a new contract this week ( and like a lot of fans, all I can ask is "Why?"

The team needs to stop beating a dead horse and let go of the idea that Smith will ever amount to anything in San Francisco.

Does anyone really believe that the kid will develop into a franchise quarterback playing in coach Mike Singletary's conservative offense?

The team had a chance to clear the stench of failure out of the locker room and failed miserably.

* Speaking of the stench of failure, A's third baseman Eric Chavez is nursing a sore shoulder ( that will keep him from hitting or fielding anytime soon.

According to today's notebook in the Chron's sports section Chavvy is finally starting to throw again (

I better get used to the idea of a steady mix of Nomar Garciaparra/Jack Hannahan/Bobby Crosby at third base this season.

It's mind-numbing to think that the A's won't be free of his six-year, $66 million contract until the end of next season.

Here's a look at Chavvy's games played/OPS since his monster contract kicked in:

2005 — 160/.794
2006 — 137/.786
2007 — 90/.752
2008 — 23/.688

At this pace the A's will probably get 10 games and a .500 OPS out of Chavez this season and be lucky if he can pitch in during the 2010 season shagging fly balls during BP and raking the infield between innings.


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