Where did the magic go?

Last year my business card was blessed.

From the middle of the summer through the fall of 2008 I won about four free lunches for my office by dropping my card into drawings for free lunches at every restaurant I could find with a fish bowl full of business cards on the counter.

Heck, I even won an award at our Christmas party for coming through with so much free grub for my hungry co-workers.

Times were good, everyone was happy, and the food kept rolling in at absolutely no charge to anyone.

But now the magic is gone.

A free food drought has hit me hard and it's been months since I've heard from Chipotle, Ameriprise or a host of other restaurants and companies offering to feed offices for nothing.

Recently the best I've been able to do are buy-one-get-one-free coupons from Sweet Tomatoes but it's nowhere near as sweet as a juicy burger at Fuddruckers or a monster burrito on someone else's dime.

Oh well, no one can ever take 2008: The Year of Free Lunches, away from me.

The memories will last a lifetime and the calories probably will too.

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