Mental leftovers

A Sunday swing through all the odds and ends that didn't quite fit into any other blog post during the week …

* Ladies and gentlemen, meet the leading contender for the No. 4 spot in Oakland's 2009 starting rotation: Dallas Braden. Absurd photo courtesy of the Oakland A's Web site ( Hopefully Braden will pitch better than he looks.

*  I still can't get over the fact that every other program on TLC seems to be about babies or midgets.  If octuplet mother Nadya Suleman squeezed out eight midgets the cable network would be beating down her door right now.

* So much for the custom made A's Matt Murton jersey I ordered on Monday.  I thought the red-headed journeyman outfielder would evoke fond memories of Bobby Kielty ( as useful bat off the bench for Oakland but he was shipped out of town on Wednesday (

* Is it just me or does anyone else picture Dr. Evil and hear his voice in the back of their head every time the astronomical size of the President Obama's proposed economic stimulus package is mentioned on TV or in a Web or newspaper headline?

I find it impossible to keep from imagining Mike Myers' villain from the "Austin Powers" movies asking the Senate for "Seven … hundred … and eighty … biiiiiiilllllllllllllion dollars!" every time the Democrats' pork, er, I mean stimulus package gets some coverage.

* OK, I confess.  Even though I poked fun at Mio's Knight Rider GPS I have to admit that everyone once and a while a little voice in the back of my head blurts out "Turbo boost KITT!" when I floor it in my wimpy little Ford Escort.  And to the reader who commented that they have a GPS with Mr. T's voice, that's freakin' awesome.  I sincerely wish those Navtones ( were compatible with my Garmin.


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