You’re just a font to the Chronicle

If you were in as much financial trouble as the San Francisco Chronicle would you waste your precious time and money on a makeover and new wardrobe?

Of course not.  But that's exactly what the Chron decided to do.

The Chron rolled out a redesign last Sunday and deputy managing editor Nanette Bisher recently took a moment out of basking in the glory of the paper's new look to share this self-indulgent gem with the Society of Newspaper Design ( "While we tested many fonts, we came back to this set as feeling right. I believed these fonts had just the right style to match the eclectic sensibility of San Francisco and the Bay Area."

I guess some cities are Times New Roman, some are Arial but San Francisco is apparently an Archer, Farnham and Antenna kind of town.

Does the Chron look better than it used to?  You bet it does, I can't deny that.

It would be hard for the paper to change it's design and not score some style points considering what a mess it was before last Sunday's rollout.

But could anything possibly be more mind-numbingly ridiculous than investing so much effort into something as utterly worthless as finding just the right font to "define" the Bay Area?

I seriously doubt it and I'll be amazed if this redesign does anything to pull the Chron out of its financial death spiral.  Right now I'd put my money on another round of layoffs/buyouts at the paper before the summer is over.

But maybe, deep down, I'm just hurt and angry because I'm a Century Gothic/Book Antiqua kind of guy who feels like the Chronicle just doesn't "get" me.

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