Bring on Womb War I!

It's always fascinating and frightening to sneak a peek at the shallow end of the gene pool, isn't it?

Octuplet mother Nadya Suleman sure made a big splash this week by bringing her total number of children up to 14 with one insanely productive trip to the delivery room.

Six kids weren't enough for her?  I guess Suleman finally has enough children to get her own show on TLC, the cable network home to breeder freak shows.

I think little Miss Suleman could give the Duggars a run for their money if she hits the fertility clinic a few more times (

TLC should seriously consider a developing a show called "Battle of the Network Breeders" or "Womb Wars."

I want to see Suleman vs. Kate ( and Big Mama Duggar in a no-holds barred reproductive throwdown.

Maybe TLC can even get the Roloff family in on the action because that network loves midgets almost as much as it loves babies(

There's gold to be mined from this twisted, tasteless, horrible idea. Pure Neilsen-ratings gold!


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