Remember that great Yano Anaya movie?

Of course you don’t remember that great Yano Anaya movie. Why should you?

But someone at remembers Anaya and they clearly have a great sense of humor.

I was checking out the price of the “I Love the 80s” edition of “Better Off Dead” on DVD and was greatly amused to find that whoever set up the page for listed Anaya and Curtis Armstrong as the lead actors for the 1980s comedy.

I vaguely remember that some guy named John Cusack had a little part in that film … like the starring role. But nevermind that.

Anaya played the paperboy who chased Cusack all over town demanding $2 for delivering the paper.

If you’re curious, Anaya’s career didn’t go very far after “Better Off Dead ” ( but he did make his mark before sharing the screen with Cusack by playing Scott Farkus’ sidekick in “A Christmas Story.”

I guess if you’re going to have a brief, obscure movie career you could do a lot worse than Yano Anaya.

The kid definitely earned his $2.


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