Recovering from a Super Bowl hangover

If there’s one thing we all learned from the Pittsburgh Steelers’ 27-23 victory over the Arizona Cardinals in the Super Bowl on Sunday it’s that God doesn’t really love Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner.

Warner, a die-hard Bible thumper, who always drones on and on about how much of a big role the Big Guy plays in his success on the football field might want to give Buddhism a try because it looks like God had something better to do on Sunday … or maybe he’s actually a Steelers fan.

* SPEAKING OF GIVING THANKS: The first thing Steelers owner Dan Rooney did when he was handed the Lombardi Trophy after the game was thank President Obama. Say what? Maybe I missed something, but it seemed like wide receiver Santonio Holmes had a lot more to do with the Steelers’ record sixth Super Bowl win in franchise history than everyone’s favorite savior at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue … Steelers coach Mike Tomlin got up on the podium after the big win and said he was grateful to his players and wanted to tip his hat to them, but he never actually took his hat off. Oh well, I guess it’s the thought that counts.

* TIME TO START SCOUTING DRUG DEALERS: Football coaches around the nation are probably falling all over themselves today in a race to get a hold of their local drug dealers to see if they can run a crisp post patern or fade route after self-confessed former drug dealer Santonio Holmes ( rose to the occasion to win the Super Bowl MVP award. All cynical kidding aside, it’s great to see a pro athlete actually take responsibility for his mistakes and try to set a positive example.

* HOW ABOUT THAT HALFTIME SHOW?: Bruce Springsteen, everyone’s favorite pawn of Walmart, did his best to bring down the house with the help of the E Street Band but I have to admit there were a couple of times when he got down with a funky dance move and I didn’t think the old man would be able to get back up. Advice to the Boss: 1.) Stop trying to steal a page out of James Brown’s book because you might hurt yourself and 2.) Don’t waste your breath apologizing for selling out to Walmart ( when we all know you’re going to enjoy every dime you got for selling your soul.

* CAN’T FORGET THE COMMERCIALS CAN WE?: It was kind of odd and sad to see how the sorry state of the economy played into some of the Super Bowl ads. Hyundai pitched a car-purchase plan that lets you off the hook and allows you to return the car if you lose your job which is painfully depressing (, which a few years ago would have been relegated to running commercials at 2 a.m. on obscure local networks, made the big time with a Super Bowl ad. I thought it was pretty funny to see financially-strapped has-beens Ed McMahon and Hammer trying to cash in on all their gold. I don’t know if there are many people who have recently lost their homes or jobs who can sell a gold set of golf clubs or a gold-plated toilet to save themselves from financial ruin but the main thing is that the commercial was funny and that’s all that really matters, right?

* OK, LET’S FORGET ABOUT THE COMMERCIALS: I’m sure all anyone in Tucson, Arizona remembers (aside from the agonizing loss to the Steelers) is the 10 seconds of pornography that made it into their living rooms after a Larry Fitzgerald touchdown ( It makes the Heidi Game ( seem so tame in comparison.

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