I’m still waiting Earl!

This must be how ugly high school girls feel as the prom approaches.

Sitting by the phone day after day, annoyed and angry that no one calls.  Wondering if the phone even works.  Wondering why at least one dorky guy can't call them.

My dorky guy is Earl.  My prom is the completion of Uverse's installation of my phone service.

Earl hasn't called and I still don't have a land line.

Like a homely high school girl left sad and alone on prom night I can't help but wonder what's wrong with me. Why do the other Uverse customers get phone service and I don't?  Is it the way I dressed during the initial installation on Sunday afternoon?  Was it something I said?  The way I acted?

Who knows what made Earl and Uverse turn their back on me.  I can't believe I'm actually starting to regret telling Astound to take a hike.  At least they were always there for me.

I should send Astound some flowers and see if we can patch things up because Earl and Uverse were just a big tease.

Maybe Astound misses me too.  Maybe they're trying to call me right now to reconcile but I'd never know because Earl and Uverse can't figure out how to make the phone work.


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