I just love service providers

Cable, TV, Internet. It all seems so simple, but it’s actually a royal pain in the rear end.

More than a year ago Comcast proved to be too Comcastically expensive for my blood.

That’s when I switched to Astound, but it finally proved to be too disappointing.

So on Sunday we moved on to AT&T’s Uverse in an attempt to expand out entertainment universe.

Sadly, Uverse seems to have a “Don’t call us, we’ll call you …. if we can just get the darn phone working” motto.

That’s right, they can’t even get the phone to work and I’m burning through cell phone minutes just to get the runaround from customer service.

I’ve been told that “Earl” is working on my problem.

Great, now I’ll able to sleep well tonight — especially since I know I won’t be awakened by a phone call because I live in a Uverse without phone service.

Go ahead and work your magic Earl, I’m counting on you buddy.


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