Bring me the head of the 25 Corkys!'s Jayson Stark appropriately shakes his head at the Hall of Fame voters who didn't have Rickey Henderson on their ballot (

It's old news that Corky Simpson, is the king of all idiots and the warranted target of criticism, openly dismissed Henderson as a Hall of Famer. But Stark adds an interesting tidbit of information in his column that two voters handed in blank ballots to protest the steroid era.

So that leaves us with 25 clowns, aka. The Sons of Corky, who looked at Rickey Henderson's career and saw something lacking.  Somehow, in the eyes of the Corkys, Henderson didn't have the same magic between the lines as Jesse Orosco, Jay Bell and Mo Vaughn.

That's 25 people who need to have their heads put on a stick to line my driveway.

Feel free to throw their bodies in a pile on the brown patch of dead grass that passes for my front lawn so we can have a fun bonfire when Rickey gives his induction speech at Cooperstown this summer.

I'll keep checking the Web to see if The Sons of Corky step up to the plate with a reasonable explanation against Henderson's induction into the Hall of Fame.  It should be interesting to see who steps into the line of fire.


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