Golden thongs, long hair and white shoes!

That's right, Jason Giambi is back in Oakland and all is forgiven.

The despicable Yankee pinstripes and comical porno mustache are out and the long hair and white shoes are back in.

I'm almost inspired to grow a goatee in honor of Giambi's return to the A's.

And what about the golden thong?  Oddly enough, that just follows Giambi wherever he goes.

Don't worry, I'm not inspired to wear a thong in honor of Giambi's return.

Giambi is boldly going where only Reggie Jackson, Rickey Henderson, Jose Canseco, Dave Stewart, Tony Phillips, Mike Gallego, Frank Thomas and a handful of other players have gone before. He's coming back to Oakland to don the green and gold jersey for one more season.

And it couldn't come a moment too soon or at a better price for the A's.

For just $5 million and change Oakland gets to add Giambi's bat to a lineup that includes Matt Holliday, Jack Cust, and a healthy Eric Chavez.  Last season's helpless offense should be a distant memory in 2009 now that Oakland has four potential 30-home run hitters in the lineup.

Oakland desperately needed to add run producers to an impotent lineup begging for the on-deck equivalent of Viagra and A's GM Billy Beane has done exactly what he needed to do to address the team's biggest weakness.

Best of all,  there's still wiggle room in the payroll to add some more bats to the roster so Beane may not be done wheeling and dealing. 

The team has a surplus of young outfielders, a ton of minor league prospects and money to burn in what's been a relatively slow offseason.  Free agents such as shortstop Orlando Cabrera or outfielder Bobby Abreu could be in play and a trade or two could help Oakland make a serious run at the Angels this season.

The season-opening series against the Angels can't come soon enough.


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