Something to chew on

The holidays have definitely slowed the flow of posts to The World's Greatest Blog, but here's one to ring in 2009.

Strangely enough, everything seems to have something to do with food.

* A PICTURE SAYS IT ALL: I've posted a couple of items on the dazzling array of "Bites" sold at 7-Eleven but the one photo I ran earlier doesn't do justice to the hot little rolls of meat sold by the chain of convenience stores.  The top photo is a sizzling example of either 7-Eleven's breakfast bite or its cheeseburger bite, I can't remember exactly what was on the grill when I took this photo.  Check out and for the lowdown on these odd blocks in the food pyramid.

* MEAT … OR SOMETHING LIKE IT: Maybe SPAM in a can is a little too much for some people.  If all you need is a slice of mystery meat, the good people at SPAM Central have come to your rescue: Individual packs of SPAM slices are on shelves all across America.  The second photo captures the magic of this product and the third photo shows SPAM's nasty looking neighbors at my local grocery store.  And if eating SPAM isn't enough for you, surf over to and sing along with songs about the Hawaiian delicacy.  "Pam Don't Take My Spam" is a particularly catchy tune.

* ONE EXPENSIVE DINNER:  I went out to dinner with some friends in downtown San Mateo, CA a couple of weeks ago and was amazed at the going rate for valet parking.  As the photo shows, its $800 a car these days in my old home town.  It probably goes without saying that I just parked a few blocks away and walked to the restaurant.

* SPRING CLEANING IN DECEMBER: I finally got off my butt and got rid of a ton of junk last month to clear out space in our spare bedroom/future nursery.  Some things went straight to the garbage can and some things made their way to Goodwill, but it was amazing to see what's been lurking in all the moving boxes I've had stacked up around the house.  I found a bunch of old travel articles from 1999, some of which touted the exciting new world of online travel sites.  I also found an old memory card for my first digital camera which is about the size of a silver dollar without the value.  And, much to the chagrin of my wife, I found a ton of old CDs and cassette tapes.  Big-hair metal is back in a big way at our house.

In case you're wondering how the last item has anything to do with food, I also found a 5-year-old box of chocolates from the Mirage in Las Vegas.

And no, I didn't eat it.


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