Christmas is almost here!

I don't think last-minute gift ideas could possibly get any closer to the last minute than this, but I have to throw my wish list out there since there's still some time left for Santa to make the magic happen.

* The pink bunny suit from "A Christmas Story:"  Deep down I think most of us wants to be Ralphie, and what better way to get in touch with your inner Ralphie than to slip into a pink bunny suit?  It's only  $95 at this Web site  It's currently out of stock  but I'm sure Santa can pull some strings to get it under my tree in time for Christmas.

* "Rocky" action figures: I already have Ivan and Ludmilla Drago but I think they're getting a little lonely.  Maybe a Brent Musberger action figure ( or Gazzo action figure ( would help warm the holidays for lonely Ivan and Ludmilla.  Hard to believe is selling these things for 50 perecent off!

* Roadhouse, the deluxe edition DVD: What a steal! This American classic is going for just $9.99 at right now (  I know I can see this flick on basic cable any day of the week, but I want the DVD just so I can watch the special feature titled "What Would Dalton Do?"  I guess Swayze's iconic Dalton character is kind of like Jesus for the cooler/bouncer crowd.

* Star Wars deformed plush Yoda:  I kind of thought Yoda was deformed to begin with, but the toy on this Web site ( takes it one step further by turning him into an odd looking stuffed doll.  To be perfectly honest with you I just think this would be fun to stick in a baby's crib.

* Gremlins Santa Gizmo dancing and singing plush: You have to check out the video of this odd little toy in action at  It really looks like the sort of toy that would come to life at night and eat your eyeballs out of your skull while singing that twisted little song. It's so strange that I have to have it.

So there it is Santa, a down-to-the-wire suggestion list for Christmas.  I'll leave some cookies out on Wednesday night and cross my fingers that you'll do the right thing and make Christmas morning one to remember.


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