The devil’s in the details and I don’t wanna know

A penny for my thoughts?  Make it a buck and we can talk because I'm a Dollar Tree freak and a buck goes far at my beloved Tree.

There, it's out there now.  I admit. 

There's no use fighting it because it's true: my penny-pinching heart has a monster crush on the Tree.

For those of you who have missed out on this cheapskate's paradise, the Dollar Tree is the store where everything is $1.  You'll never get trapped in line for eternity while someone does a price check at the Tree.

The Contra Costa Times even did a story on how the Tree is a little slice of heaven for those of us who only want to spend a little slice of our shrinking financial pie (

There's never any buyer's remorse at the Tree.  No one ever comes home from the Dollar Tree grimacing over how much they spent.

My office is decorated from wall to wall with Dollar Tree Christmas goodies — also known as "junk" to the rest of you.  And you know what?  My office looks great and my pocketbook does too.

As long as I wear blinders and ignore the fact that everything at the Tree was probably made in a Third World sweatshop by some impoverished child  I'm A-OK.  I'm a happy, guilt-free bargain hunter.

As long as I ignore the fact there there's probably lead in at least half the products on the shelves at my local Tree I won't have a problem with any of the food or dinnerware I just bought.

And as long as I ignore the fact that Dollar Tree initially wanted to deny death benefits to the survivors of an employee who was killed while she was working at a Dollar Tree ( I can scoop up $1 treasures without any annoying moral dilemmas.

I don't want to know all those messy little details.  I just want to wade through aisle after aisle of $1 goodness.

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