I’m learning to love the clutter

I've caught several episodes of the Style network's "Clean House" (http://www.mystyle.com/mystyle/shows/cleanhouse/index.jsp) over the past few weeks and, like most people, my first reaction when I tune in is "What a disgusting mess!  Boy, am I glad I'm not those pathetic people."

For anyone who isn't familiar with the show, the whole gimmick is that the annoyingly cheerful cast of "Clean House" shows up to help a sad sack family transform their home from a nightmarishly cluttered wreck into an organized, well-designed dream home by selling or throwing out all the junk.

But as the weeks have passed a new reality has set in: My house is a disgusting mess and I am those pathetic people!

Their clutter is my clutter.  Their disheveled home is my disheveled home.  Their disgrace is my disgrace.

Slowly but surely our house has become more and more cluttered.  It's happened before and my wife and I usually dig ourselves out from under the mess.

In fact, we've been trying to do that this week.

But it hit me as I was watching "Clean House" the other night that taking responsibility for the trash around the house and cleaning it up just isn't the right thing to do.

"Clean House" is there to save you if you don't make any attempt to keep your home presentable in much the same way that the government is there so save you with a bailout if you can't keep your big business in order.

We shouldn't fight the filthy clutter in our house anymore, we should just roll with it.

Embrace the clutter, let it take over our home, let it dominate our lives until everything is so shamefully out of control that the hyperactive cast of "Clean House" shows up at our doorstep to lend a hand, throw money at the problem and give us a house that's better than anything we could possibly imagine.

Taking responsibility and ownership for your own mess just isn't the American way anymore so I'm going to stop stressing out about what a dump our house is.

Why should I clean my own home?  That's just crazy.

It's about time I relaxed a little bit.

The time has come for me to kick up my heels, wait for the doorbell to ring and let the cast of "Clean House" work their magic and save me from myself.


2 thoughts on “I’m learning to love the clutter

  1. I have ten years worth of clutter in my mobile home-so does my parent’s–due to my surgeries I can’t lift anything over ten lbs–my parent’s aren’t in that great of health—We are considering moving our homes to the L.A. area to have the Clean House crew help us get rid of the clutter—-I wish they would come to Bloomingdale,Ga to help us–we live on the same proptery–so it would be something new for them to film–Clean House Saves Two Families From Clutter-Two houses on the same property–how much better can you get–yeah they would have to come here(15min from Savannah,Ga)I would love their help!!!!!!???

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