Playing catchup

This is rapidly morphing from The World's Greatest Blog into The World's Laziest Blog.

It's been a hectic few weeks and I've been so busy trying to catch up around the house and at work that I haven't had a lot of free time to dive into the so-called blogosphere.

I'll admit that the 49ers seemed to show some heart in the 29-24 loss to the Cardinals in Arizona on Monday night but they sure didn't show any brains.

Quarterback Shaun Hill's turnovers, including a senseless shuttle pass to the Cardinals' secondary in the fourth quarter, and horrible play calling in the final seconds doomed San Francisco to its sixth loss in a row.

Coaches Mike Singletary and Mike Martz have taken turns taking the blame for the confusion at the end of the game when the 49ers were in the red zone with a shot to win, but the bottom line is that incompetence has become the 49ers' calling card.

As usual, I have high hopes for the rest of the season tempered by realistic expectations of complete and utter futility.

* WHERE'S MY TIME?:  The holidays are rapidly approaching and my free time is flying out the door.

I just sized up my calendar for the rest of the year and there are only a couple of weekends that are wide open.

It's awesome to have the opportunity to spend so much time with friends and family but it'll be an interesting trick to see when I can squeeze in Christmas shopping and taking care of business around the house.

Finding time to buy gifts would probably be a good idea between now and Dec. 25.

* WHERE'S MY MONEY?:  Companies are dropping left and right as the economy continues to sink like a rock and the government keeps on shelling out billions of dollars in bailouts.

I want a piece of that action.

Why have I been wasting my time responsibly working around a household budget when Uncle Sam is dying to throw good money after bad?

I'm ready for someone to bail me out!

* HOLLIDAY, CELEBRATE!: It probably goes without saying that I love Oakland's trade for Colorado slugger Matt Holliday, even if it is just a rental until the trade deadline or the end of the season.

Huston Street, Greg Smith and Carlos Gonzalez are on their way to the Rockies and the A's won't really miss any of them.

Street lost his job as closer and wasn't going to get it back and Smith was eventually going to be pushed out of the rotation by blue-chip pitching prospects Trevor Cahill and Brett Anderson.

Gonzalez is the only guy the A's may regret trading but the risk isn't great enough to pass on a chance to get Holliday into the lineup.

If Holliday ends up being shipped out of Oakland at the deadline, he's a bigger bargaining chip than Street, Smith and Gonzalez.  If he sticks around all year and Oakland takes its high draft picks as compensation then that works out just fine as well.

Former A's Nick Swisher and Joe Blanton were free agent compensation picks which shows there's no reason for the A's to trade Holliday unless they get an offer then can't refuse.

It'll be fun to see what A's general manager does between now and Opening Day to add even more punch to the lineup.

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