No, I can’t

Concession time has finally arrived. The presidential election is over and I lost.

My write-in bid for the top spot came up just a little bit short … more than 62 million votes short, but who’s counting?

Sometimes one man, one vote doesn’t get you very far in this country.

Election night was a snooze-fest, as expected. A badly-run McCain campaign was crushed in the Electoral College by Barack Obama’s well-oiled machine, 349-147. The popular vote was closer at 52 percent to 46 percent in favor of Obama.

But in the big game no one keeps score by the popular vote. It’s kind of like getting blown out in the Super Bowl but playing up the fact that you were kind of close in time of possession.

To say the least, the odds were always stacked against the Republican candidate in this presidential election.

The Bush administration was an anchor around McCain’s neck and the economic meltdown and Sarah Palin’s ditzy babbling on national television didn’t do the old man any good. She basically ended up being Dan Quayle in high heels.

On top of all that, McCain ran a terrible campaign that seemed to play up a new muddled message every week.

Pre-election polls and projected electoral maps were so consistently lopsided that after a while it started to look like the Democrats could replace Barack Obama with Michael Dukakis at the top of the ticket and still run away with the election.

Good luck to President Obama, who just made history, inspired millions around the world and closed it all out with an eloquent acceptance speech in Chicago.

But election night is always a time for hope and inspirational words and Obama’s a truly gifted public speaker. Once the dust settles on this election and Tuesday night’s speech is just a YouTube clip we’ll see if Obama can rise above the moment and make good on his bold talk of bipartisanship.

There’s certainly scant evidence in his voting record and past associations to indicate he’s close enough to the center of the political spectrum to reach across the aisle. And there’s absolutely no motivation to work with Republicans with Democrats firmly in charge of Congress.

I seriously doubt that Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Co. are viewing these election results as a reason to work with Republicans.

With history as a guide, the audacity of reality is that Washington seemingly never fails to sink into poisonous, selfish, partisan bickering and there’s no fact-based reason to believe that’s going to end anytime soon regardless of who’s in the White House.

Hopefully that can change but for now it’s just all talk.

* BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID: I mentioned the other day how annoying it was to see parents using their kids to push their politics at rallies for and against Prop. 8.

Here’s something even scarier: A “What Would Obama Do?” baby onesie (

If people on the far right cling to bibles and guns I guess some people on the far left cling to Obama and trees.

Seeing stuff like this makes me feel less guilty about the likelihood that I’ll wrap my kid in A’s clothes one of these days.

An A’s onesie seems perfectly harmless compared to a “WWOD?” outfit.

* WHERE DID MY PRESIDENTIAL BID GO WRONG?: Like John McCain, Bob Barr, Alan Keyes and Ralph Nader all I can do today is sift through the wreckage of a failed run for the White House.

I really thought I had all the elements to shine on the national stage.

Like McCain, I annoy enough of my own friends to be considered a maverick.

Like Obama, I love to talk and talk and talk and I don’t have a deep resume that clearly makes me qualified to be president.

Like Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, I often say incredibly stupid things that leave people wondering whether I’m kidding or just painfully slow.

None of it added up to a groundswell of support or one dime of campaign contributions.

All I can do now is bide my time for four years.

See you on election day in 2012.


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