What happened to Halloween?

After years of apartment dwelling, where kids never came around for candy, my wife and I were looking forward to handing sweets out in our first Halloween as homeowners.

We bought a candy, a lot of candy.  Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Nothing worse than an angry mob of kids egging your house and burning your cars because you've run out of candy before the night is over.

But by about 7:30 p.m. the kids stopped coming up to the door in search of a free sugar rush.

I think my neighbors had a better time on my property than I did on Halloween.  Since they transformed their yard into a graveyard and their driveway into a haunted house they set up camp on the side of our front yard with lawn furniture and a camp fire to enjoy the night.

What gives?  I'll admit that it was kind of cold out, but that never stopped me as a kid on Halloween.  My dad had to drag me home at the end of the night.  There wasn't a door in town I wouldn't knock on for some Halloween treats.

I can't believe kids these days.  Home by 8 p.m.?  Unbelievable.

So much for my World Series call of the Rays over the Phillies.  If any team out the NL was going to give the AL a run for the money it was going to be Philadelphia.  The Phillies' speed, power and pitching could match up with anyone and in the end the young Rays just couldn't keep up ……  In retrospect, the Astros are idiots.  Brad Lidge and Eric Bruntlett for Michael Bourn, Geoff Geary and Mike Costanzo?  What a horrible trade. …… I love seeing Mike Singletary in charge of the 49ers.  It's only been one game, but so far he's benched J.T. O'Sullivan, thrown Vernon Davis off the sidelines, ranted and raved in his post-game interview and dropped his pants at halftime.  I can't wait to see how insane he acts after a few more pathetic Niner losses.

  It's finally here, the big day, the end to this annoying election and the dawn of a left-wing federal government without any checks and balances.

With no partisan passion and no real influence in the presidential election because I'm not in a swing state, I voted for myself as president.  It's as good a protest vote against the major-party candidates as casting a ballot for Ralph Nader.

Considering how most of the polls and projected electoral maps look is there any reason for the major networks not to call Barack Obama the winner by lunchtime?

One thing I won't miss when election is over is seeing parents using their kids as partisan pawns.  In the past few weeks I've seen Prop. 8 supporters and opponents drag their sign-waving children to curbside rallies, even in the pouring rain.

Do these little kids even know what the rally is about?  I kind of doubt it.

Personally, I'm more inclined to pass on shoving my politics down my kid's throat and just let them be a kid for as long as possible, but there are clearly parents out there who have no qualms about using their children to push their partisan agendas.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of children going home early on Halloween and rallying for or against gay marriage on election day.


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