Me: 1, Palm tree: 0

Kill the head and the body will follow.  It works for flesh and blood and, as it turns out, it holds true for palm trees too.

The Rasputin of the plant world is finally dead.

The frond-covered bane of my existence finally bit the dust in my back yard Sunday afternoon about two weeks after I sawed the head off of the stubborn thing.

Wave after wave of household chemicals into the exposed top of the tree and around the roots, along with a lot of digging, followed the decapitation.

I've lost count of how many weekend afternoons I've been spent hacking through an endless series of roots that never seemed to let up no matter how deep I dug into the yard with my shovel, ax, hoe and pick.

But on Sunday, my enemy started to show signs of weakness when it wobbled after a few hacks from my pick.  It was a lot like that moment in "Rocky IV" when Ivan Drago started bleeding after taking a hard punch from Rocky.  At that point Rocky knew he could beat Drago.

When that palm tree finally gave some ground I knew I was going to win the fight and end the Cold War.  Oh wait, I'm getting caught up in "Rocky IV" again.

That always happens.

Rocky ended the Cold War by beating Drago. All I did was get one step closer to tearing our ugly back yard down apart by digging a stubborn palm tree out of our yard.

Hopefully my next project in the yard will go better than "Rocky V."


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