I knew it, the Rays had it all the way

Well that was easy, wasn't it?

The Rays finished off the Boston Red Sox in Game 7 of the ALCS, 3-1, to advance to the World Series against the Philadelphia Phillies just one season after losing more than 90 games.

The boldest move in the whole series was the one I didn't think "unconventional" Rays manager Joe Maddon would have the guts to make: Handing the ball to rookie David Price with everything on the line.

Price, without a doubt, has the best pure "stuff" in the Tampa Bay bullpen but it seemed like a long shot for a rookie who's barely been playing pro baseball for more than a year to be handed the ball in the ninth inning.

But Maddon stuck with Price after he wrapped up the eighth inning and the rest is history.

Maddon seemed like a bit of a nut to me several years ago when he took the manager job in Tampa Bay and started talking about winning baseball and establishing a "Rays Way" of playing but it's all paying off now that the Rays are going to play for a world title.

I wonder how the Twins are liking that Matt Garza for Delmon Young trade right now?  Garza won Game 7 and the ALCS MVP award while Young hit an empty .290 with just 10 homers and 69 RBIs.  I'll admit that the trade can't fully be judged for a few years, but for the moment the Rays would make that deal again in a heartbeat.

I'm sure a lot of people in the stands rooting for the Rays on Sunday night had no idea there was a Major League baseball team in Tampa Bay until about a month ago.  Now they're wearing Rays hats and jerseys, sporting "Rayhawks" and ringing cowbells.

Mohawks and cowbells, gotta love it.

Now we can move on to the World Series and leave the gut-wrenchingly annoying Frank Caliendo commercials behind on TBS.

I'm sticking to my call of the Rays over the Phillies in seven games but I'm pulling for the series to end before Game 6 to avoid a delayed start to the game thanks to the Barack "I'm not president yet but I play one on TV" Obama 30-minute infomercial.

Delay the start of the World Series for a real presidential address?  Grudgingly OK by me.

Delay it for a politician with an overflowing war chest and landslide lead in the electoral college to stroke his ego?

Not cool.

When it comes to the World Series I want more cowbell, less Obama.


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