It was a Sunday so the 49ers must have lost

As usual, the 49ers lost on Sunday to fall to 2-4 this season.  The 49ers were able to turn a 26-17 lead in the third quarter into a 40-26 loss to the Eagles by melting down in the fourth quarter.

I watched enough of the game for it to fit the pattern that's unfolded as the season has dragged on: If I watch any of the game, the 49ers lose.  But I think I'll finally take the blame off myself and "the curse" and place responsibility for the 49ers' losing ways on Mike Nolan, Scot McCloughan and the York family.

Nothing wrong with having a sane moment every once and a while.

Even the 49ers' two wins this season look less impressive as time goes by.  Beating the Seahawks on Sept. 14 doesn't mean much now that Seattle has proven itself to be a 1-4, last place team.  Same goes for the Sept. 21 win against the Lions who are now 0-5.

Sunday's Falcons-Bears game was entertaining and painful to watch in light of the 49ers' struggles in recent years.  The Falcons managed to rally and win the game in the final seconds to improve to 4-2 after being a complete laughingstock last season.

Nolan, McCloughan and the Yorks have had years to turn the 49ers around and haven't been able to make any significant progress toward becoming a playoff team again.

Even the Miami Dolphins, at 2-3 this year, have shown more life and rapid improvement after being a doormat than the 49ers.

With 10 games to go it's hard to see a lot of winnable games left on the schedule for the 49ers.  Oct. 26 vs Seattle, Nov. 16 and Dec. 21 against St. Louis look like the best bets for a San Francisco win the rest of the way.

Hopefully once the season is over Nolan and McCloughan will be shown the door, which would be great.  Then again, leaving the York family to hire replacements isn't a very good idea.

The Yorks are the geniuses who canned Steve Mariucci after making the playoffs and then replaced him with Terry Donahue and Dennis Erickson. After those two clowns failed miserably, the Yorks handed control over to Mike Nolan and the rest is history.

A track record like that doesn't inspire any confidence.

If 49ers fans get lucky, the Yorks will finally hire some strong, experienced football men in the offseason and then get out of their way.

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